Demand for Freshly Roasted Coffee Prompts New UK Coffee Website at

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In response to the growing demand for freshly roasted coffee from UK consumers, has launched one of the biggest new consumer oriented coffee supply websites in the UK.

We hope our online presence will develop and change over time, in response to customer feedback

The 'freshly roasted coffee movement' is taking the UK coffee market by storm. Demand for superior freshly roasted coffee from regular coffee drinkers with home equipment is driving the new trend. Cafes and coffee shops in major cities are beginning to display 'roasted dates' on their coffee boards, further evidence that UK consumers are demanding more from their morning cappuccinos.

In response to this trend, Tastiera Services Ltd - a Kent based traditional coffee roastery has re-launched and re-branded their online shop in the face of growing demand.

"Our online business has grown dramatically over the last 12 months" said Elizabeth Powell, co-founder and Master Coffee Roaster. "We always knew that there is a huge difference in flavour between 'supermarket shelf' coffee and high-quality, freshly slow roasted coffee. It seems that the increase in use of domestic coffee making equipment combined with the growth of internet shopping had driven a lot of coffee lovers to our previous online store. With this in mind, we commissioned the development of a new high quality website that was better able to cope with growing customer demand", she added.

"We hope our online presence will develop and change over time, in response to customer feedback" - said Dean Chalk, co-founder and professional coffee taster. "We currently freshly roast on demand over 25 top quality world coffees, which our customers can easily purchase at the new store. We also have a fledgling coffee articles section that should expand over time, as well as other coffee related features", he added.

"A greater awareness of quality coffee is also a factor in the growth of this business" said Liz. Our Ethiopian Sidamo and Yirgacheffe coffees come from the farmer's co-operative featured in the famous 'Black Gold' movie about the farming end of the coffee chain. Since the films screening our sales of these coffees has tripled." She added.

About freshly roasted coffee
traditionally slow roasted coffees have to be derived from very high quality raw coffee beans, otherwise any imperfections are accentuated in the roasting process. Slow roasting coffee produces a superior flavour, as more of the essential oils from the coffee bean are maintained during the roasting process. Bulk coffees from supermarkets are by contrast flash-roasted in large factory units that can quickly roast very large quantities of lower quality coffee to a drinkable standard. If coffee is consumed within 4 weeks of its roasted date, the complex oils that create the majority of the coffee flavours are still present, so consuming freshly slow roasted coffee is a remarkably better experience than consuming flash-roasted coffee past its 4 week prime. Supermarket coffee is flash-roasted and typically between 12 and 48 weeks old when sold and consumed.

About Tastiera Services Ltd (
Tastiera Services is a small coffee roastery based in rural Kent, specialising in coffee roasting using traditional methods. They supply coffee to consumers throughout the UK from their online website at and by direct arrangements. They also supply coffee freshly roasted to their trade customers including restaurants, coffee shops and hotels.

Elizabeth Powell, Director
Tastiera Services Ltd (
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