ILBA Coffee School Considers Impact of the Presidential Election Results on Small Businesses

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The coffee industry go-to for barista training and launching coffee businesses is taking notice of taxes, cuts, and acts –and what it means for small business entrepreneurs.

The election results brought relief and anxiety, depending on which half of the US is being considered. The greatest question at stake during this election was how the president would lead the nation’s economy back into health and out of recession. This concern’s cornerstone: generating jobs.

ILBA Coffee School holds classes and consultation that equips men and women to launch successful careers in the coffee industry, whether through barista training, café business consultation, and/or coffee roasting training. ILBA Coffee School is not just hopeful for the next 4 years’ impact on creating jobs, but is confident they will continue to beat the odds.

This is mostly because, while the rest of the nation has seen the increase in employment dwindle between 1 and 2 percent, ILBA Coffee School has increased their repertoire of students whom they’ve helped launch careers by 46 percent in the past year alone. This figure doesn’t take into account the students from the upcoming December class, which had to be added last minute just to keep up with increasing demand.

Looking to continue to thrive alongside the policies of the president re-elect, ILBA Coffee School looks to what the election results mean for their students and small business owners around the nation.

Obama supporters boast in his first term’s “Small Business Jobs Act of 2010” which cut taxes for small companies and made it easier for them to obtain federally guaranteed loans. "We've been seeing steady albeit modest growth in the economy since the president took office and we are cautiously optimistic," says John Arensmeyer, CEO of Small Business Majority, an organization that lobbies on behalf of small companies.

Yet opponents are doubtful, pointing to increased taxes and the out of control federal deficit. They feel the regulatory crunch of the health care overhaul and the exceedingly stringent business-growth bureaucracies.

Obama has on the record called for the corporate tax rate to drop to 28 percent, down from the current 35 percent, which will free up an undeniable chunk of change for small businesses. He's even backing more liberal tax deductions for small businesses that invest in new equipment.

"Congress will be more willing to work with the president on these small business-targeted tax policies," Arensmeyer says. The way the “Jumpstart Our Small Business Startups Act” was handled with bipartisan support from congress is a testament to that. This act, designed to make it easier for small businesses to get financed more easily, is giving small business owners, notwithstanding coffee business owners, reason to seize opportunities to start their businesses now.

The vocational training though ILBA puts students on the fast track to a return on their investment in the perpetually growing, proven recession-proof industry of gourmet coffee. The 3-Day package guides students through a robust, hands-on experience for cultivating basic barista skills. The 4-Day goes a step further, honing advanced techniques with top-standard brewing methods, espresso extraction, milk steaming, even latte art.

The 5-Day Intensive proves to be the most economic option in several ways; not only do students get the most practice and instruction for their dollar, but this unique package focuses on the operational, business side of attaining success in any coffee venture. Students are exposed to the no-nonsense practicals and logistics of managing a coffee business, branding and marketing conceptualization, even navigating government bureaucracies. There is even customized private training and roasting workshops at their 10,000 square foot roasting facility. Frankly put, no other school does this. ILBA coffee school is the only one with a course offering diversified enough to equip students to weather an ever-changing economy.

Nevertheless, the greatest catalyst bringing student of Ivy League Barista Academy is the turn-key infrastructure of coffee-based services in which ILBA Coffee School is just the first step. This infrastructure, aptly named Coffee Shop Experts, offers everything from café design and construction to wholesale fair trade coffee. So whether the student is a seasoned entrepreneur recognizing the opportunity of a burgeoning industry in a bleak economy, or a hopeful start-up new to the coffee scene, ILBA coffee school has become a popular first step, and viable solution to an otherwise slow-moving employment rate.

Economy-minded coffee lovers can sign up now or learn more before December seat are sold out at!

About the company:
Ivy League Barista Academy is a San Diego-based coffee school offering hands-on barista training and a robust, all-inclusive exposure to the practicals of running a competitive coffee business.

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