CWA Enterprises Offers The Re-String It Guide to Cold Weather Clothing for Exercising

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Re-String It, which is used to re-string everything from drawstring pants to hooded sweatshirts, has created a tip sheet for dressing warm while exercising in cold weather.

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Re-String It Inventor Chad Archibeck in front of Play It Again Sports

While sweatpants and hoodies are great for helping the body keep warm, they might not be the best choice for outdoor activities where the body is perspiring.

The popular tool used to rethread sweatpants, Re-String It, now has its own guide for helping people keep their New Year’s resolutions by listing which cold weather clothing is best for exercising. Re-String It, which is sold online, is commonly found in Play It Again Sports stores on the West Coast due to the products close affiliation with recreational outdoor activities. While running, biking, and hiking outdoors can be a more thrilling way to stay in shape than running inside a gym, the weather can present its own set of challenges.

In the vein of Re-String It’s philosophy to always be prepared, here are some tips for choosing the right clothing. While sweatpants and hoodies are great for helping the body keep warm, they might not be the best choice for outdoor activities where the body is perspiring. Professional runners and cyclists might know exactly which type of gear to look for, but the novice might not.

Here’s what the professionals know: it’s all about the layers.

Start with what’s called a baselayer. This is usually a long sleeve shirt made from a thin material like Polyester or Elastane. The fit should be comfortable, but not too lose. The fitted style is a safety measure to prevent the athlete from catching their clothing while active. The textile of the baselayer should be one that keeps the body warm, while wicking away moisture at the same time. If this layer becomes too wet, the way cotton absorbs and holds moisture, it can actually prevent the entire body from staying warm.

While leggings might not be the first thing men want to been wearing in public, there are specific leggings designed for cold weather. Similar to the shirt, the leggings should be made of a stretchy Polyester type of material. They also come in short versions for athletes who don’t feel comfortable having their whole leg covered.

The next layer will be loser and will likely be a fleece shirt or jacket. The ones that zip all the up are preferred so the runner can remove this layer if the body gets too warm. Fleece keeps the body warm by acting as an insulator, preventing the air coming from the skin from directly leaving the protected area – at least not rapidly. There are air pockets in fleece clothing, which do allow the warmth to escape.

Depending on how cold the air temperature is, an additional layer might also be needed, which would take the form of a jacket, windbreaker or coat. A stretchy, lined jacket should be large enough to fit comfortably over the two other layers, but not so large as to be in the way while exercising.

Supplemental cold weather gear can include almost any type of glove, but the ones that keep hands dry will be the most effective. Hats and beanies are preferred over a hoodie to prevent any wind drag. But once the outdoor adventure is over, Re-String It suggests a cozy pair of sweats and a hoodie to recuperate in.

Re-String It is available for purchase on their website and on More crafty ideas are shared with their fans who Like them on Facebook. The heavy duty, yet ultra-slim clothing repair tool uses a 4-millimeter tube with an 18-gauge wire to loop drawstrings back through sweatpants and sweatshirts, as well as industrial laundry bags and medical scrubs. With Re-String It, consumers have a reliable and easy way to mend the drawstrings of their favorite clothing items.

About the Company:

Re-String It is a product of CWA Enterprises, which was created to bring the perfect must-have domestic tool to market. Re-String It is a heavy duty, versatile re-stringer that is easy to use and won’t damage clothing. The rounded edge on the adjustable loop enables use on delicate materials. Visit for more information.

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