Four Seasons in Five Stones - A New Unique Piece of Jewelry by Leibish & Co.

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Leibish & Co. have once again pushed the limits with their unique piece, the Four Seasons Pendant. A synthesis of Leibish & Co.’s commitment to providing their clients with what few can bestow – The Four Seasons Pendant is truly a one of a kind piece.

The Four Seasons Pendant

The Four Seasons Pendant

The Four Seasons Pendant is a tour de force in high end jewelry...

Upon receiving a client request to create a rare collector’s item, the team at Leibish & Co. relished the opportunity to fulfill their client’s dream. Chavi Itzhakov, Chief Jewelry Designer, worked together with the client to turn their dream into reality.

The cross fertilization of creative input culminated in the conception of the Four Seasons Pendant. The concept evolved to create a piece of haute joaillerie embodying the four seasons of the year and what they represent.

The Four Seasons Pendant is based around the rarest of stones in the pendant – the 0.79 carat Fancy Vivid Orange, Radiant Cut diamond. Vivid defines the saturation of a colored diamond; this being the strength or intensity of a diamond’s color. Vivid is the highest saturation rating for a fancy color diamond. An orange stone of this size and intensity with no secondary hue, even for dealers with the worldwide reach of Leibish & Co., is very difficult to source.

Orange symbolizes the color of the leaves in Autumn, and the haze when we glimpse the flashes of sun through the clouds; those same rays that bring a smile to our face and instill hope that another summer will come to warm our lives.

Once the vivid orange was selected as the “centerpiece;” it was decided that to further enhance the beauty and rarity of this piece and to make it a true collector’s item, only accompanying stones categorized as Vivid would be used. The standard had been set, now it had to be maintained and surpassed!

The color palette was decided. It had to be not only harmonious and complementary but also symbolic. The colors chosen were green to represent the rebirth and growth of spring; blue for the ice cold winter and the contrasting sky of the different hemispheres; and aquamarine to evoke the sun, water and abundance of color that signifies summer. The center stone of purplish pink color was used to reflect the transition from season to season and the range of tones inherent therein.

The prolonged search for these very specific stones began.

Utilizing their extensive contacts and years of experience, Leibish Polnauer, President of Leibish & Co., together with his son, Shmulik Polnauer, Chief Buyer and GIA Gemologist, sourced and personally inspected the perfect companion stones for the consummate centerpiece. These stones comprise the following:

0.15 carat Fancy Vivid Green, Radiant Cut diamond;
0.21 carat Fancy Vivid Blue, Cushion Cut diamond;
0.22 carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink, Radiant Cut diamond;
0.19 carat Fancy Vivid Blue Green, Radiant Cut diamond.

Three of the colors – the vivid orange, vivid blue, and vivid green, are of pure color with no secondary hue, further adding to their rarity.

The next piece of this illustrious puzzle was the setting. It was agreed that the beauty of the stones and what they represent was sufficient without excessive embellishment. The setting would be clean and elegant in keeping with the sophistication of the concept and its physical manifestation.

The Four Seasons Pendant was set by Leibish & Co.’s jewelers. Each stone is surrounded by a collection of white melees with two white Taper-Baguette diamonds linking the stones to the white gold chain. The execution of the setting is beyond the abilities of most jewelers; the quality of workmanship is beyond reproach.

The rarity of these stones, their harmonious integration, and the minimalistic setting result in a once in a lifetime piece; fit to be adored in the present and handed down through the generations.

Over six months in the making from initial concept through to procurement and actual creation, the Four Seasons Pendant is a tour de force in high end jewelry. It is not just a pretty piece of jewelry; it is an important piece of jewelry. It is a tangible expression of the intangible elements of nature. Using Mother Nature’s bounty, this ethereal work of art transcends its very source.

Established in 1979, Leibish & Co. is a family business based in the diamond capital of Tel Aviv, Israel. As a pioneer in the fancy color diamond industry, Leibish & Co. were among the first online retailers of fancy color diamonds further facilitating access to this burgeoning market. Their website,, has further enhanced Leibish & Co.’s reputation for integrity and service.

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