Increased Demand for Plastic Surgery Compression Wear Inspires Garment Designer to Create and Launch Two New Products

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Nouvelle Inc. adds two exciting new products to its comprehensive line of plastic surgery compression wear. Compression sets for women now include 1st and 2nd stage garments, and the abdominal supporter for men offers safe, supportive comfort for the abdomen and groin.

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Nouvelle designs have a reputation for beauty. The company uses only the finest fabric available, and hand-inspects each seam and stitch to ensure garments are soundly, solidly constructed.

Nouvelle, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of two new products to its established line of post-surgical compression wear for men and women.

Product Addition #1: Compression Wear Sets

Based on consumer and distributer feedback, Nouvelle bundled its finest 1st and 2nd stage garments so they can be purchased as cost-effective sets rather than separately. Each set includes:

1st Stage Healing Garment: Worn immediately post-op and up to six weeks following surgery. Generally, garments used during this period are designed for ultimate ease-of-use with maximum compression levels, convenient zippers and safe closures.

2nd Stage Healing Garment: Phased in at four to six weeks after surgery. Garments worn at this stage use slightly less-constrictive fabric and no zippers. Each pull-on design is lightweight, easy to wear, and designed to enhance the smooth lines of your newly transformed physique.
Common procedures for which 1st and 2nd stage compression sets are purchased include tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), hernia operations, and a variety of liposuction procedures: hip liposuction, thigh liposuction, stomach liposuction, flank liposuction, buttock liposuction, upper thigh liposuction, lipoplasty, suction lipectomy and liposculpture.

“Compression wear sets ensure cosmetic surgery patients are prepared with the two most important garments needed for all stages of the healing process,” notes Dawn Cover, President of Nouvelle Inc. “Plastic and reconstructive surgeries are most successful with consistent long-term use of quality compression garments.”

Product Addition #2: Men’s Abdominal Supporter
The men’s abdominal supporter offers safe, supportive comfort for the abdomen and groin. Unique features include five flexible cotton/nylon panels for precise body contouring, adjustable hook-and-eye closures, and the softest fabric weave available on the market to ensure complete, healing comfort. The men’s abdominal provides excellent support for hernias, groin pulls, male liposuction, male abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), lipoplasty, suction lipectomy, liposculpture, smartlipo, vaser liposuction, laser liposuction, and gastric bypass.

Nouvelle, Inc. recently expanded its business and distributor base thanks to emerging markets throughout Europe and beyond. It is currently in the process of searching for even more distributors of its highly-regarded, handcrafted products.

Three distinct markets represent the cornerstones of Nouvelle’s business:

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Patients.
Compression garments are specially-designed elastic apparel worn after surgical procedures and throughout recovery. They provide additional support by contouring to the body or body part. Plastic surgeons generally recommend use of compression garments following tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), liposuction, arm lifts (brachioplasty), face lifts (rhytidectomy), facial procedures, gastric bypass procedures, male mastopexy (gynecomastia treatment), breast augmentation , breast reduction, and many other types of surgical sculpture procedures. Dermatologists also may recommend compression wear for patients with lymphoma, burns, and varicose veins to help improve quality of life.

Individuals Shopping for Quality Shapewear.
Purchases of medical-grade compression garments for body sculpting, shaping and slimming continue to increase. Many consider compression garments an effective tool for contouring the body without having plastic or cosmetic surgery. While compression garments are not an alternative to losing weight or improving health, they can have a slimming effect by subtly smoothing and sculpting the appearance of the body beneath clothing. Often, people considering compression garments for non-surgical use have recently lost a great deal of weight, and may have excessive body tissue folds or conditions such as gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). Compression garments offer a safe, non-surgical alternative to stabilizing and compressing excess body tissue and skin folds.

Patients Seeking Scar Care Therapy.
Nouvelle recently added internationally-recognized ScarHeal products to its catalog as part of an ongoing commitment to superior results following cosmetic, plastic and aesthetic procedures. As noted in a recent edition of Ladies Home Journal, ScarHeal products feature an outstanding combination of ingredients designed to help calm inflammation and tame overactive collagen production in scars resulting from surgery, burns, wounds, and keloids. The line features four proven products for treating scars resulting from any trauma to the skin. Additionally, they offer an innovative, non-surgical treatment for wrinkles.

Nouvelle’s exclusive designs and products for men and women are not sold in retail stores. They may be purchased directly from approved distributors, its state-of-the-art studio in Virginia Beach, VA or ordered online at Four key features differentiate its compression and shapewear products from retail offerings:

Fabric structure.
Featuring four-way stretch and memory, each garment can withstand numerous washes, endure extremely long wear times, and miraculously retain original shape and quality. All designs have been through rigorous testing and meticulous scrutiny to ensure complete comfort and enhanced efficacy of every angle, seam and compression area.

Beauty and craftsmanship.
Nouvelle designs have a reputation for beauty. The company uses only the finest fabric available, and hand-inspects each seam and stitch to ensure garments are soundly, solidly constructed.

Nouvelle offers an endless assortment of surgical garments for every procedure, including abdominal girdles, binders, augmentation bras, and full body suits. The company also features a full line of 2nd stage garments for women and men of all shapes and sizes. All products are latex and formaldehyde-free and proudly manufactured in the USA. A seasoned design and manufacturing team is ready to create custom garments on a moment’s notice if a customer needs a specific item not typically available.

Realizing post-operative healing stages can be uncomfortable, Nouvelle has paid particular attention to every conceivable way the fabric touches the skin. Stitches are constructed so they are perfectly flat, so as not to aggravate incisions. Zippers and hook and eye closures are never in danger of contacting the skin. Not a single design uses metal wires or stays.

Nouvelle manufactures and distributes post-surgical compression wear, body shaping garments, and scar care products worldwide from its facility in Virginia Beach, Va. The company also publishes Healing Transformations, an online forum dedicated to patients, physicians and families of anyone recovering from the myriad of emotional and physical health issues surrounding aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Additional plastic surgery news and recovery information can be found via Nouvelle Inc.'s Facebook page.

For more information about purchasing or distributing the company’s products, please contact Dawn Cover via email or telephone.


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