Relief at Last: Optically Designed Computer Glasses that Prevent Eyestrain and Digitally Related Aches and Pains

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Computer Eyed, introduces high quality, affordable, over the counter computer glasses that prevent the irritated eyes, upper back and neck pain that is associated with computer or digital device use. The optically designed bifocal computer glasses correct for both mid-range (computer) and close (reading/keyboard) vision. The patent-pending lens has an anti-glare coating that reduces digital glare and provides increased visual comfort and acuity.

The solution for your computer related vision problems

“These over the counter computer glasses will revolutionize the eyeglass industry the way the over the counter readers did for reading glasses,” said Dave Grossman,COO of Computer Eyed, “computer users are looking for a high quality affordable option."

The increased use of computers and digital devices are taking a toll on the nation’s eye health. The Vision Council of America estimates that more than 10 million Americans suffer from vision problems related to computer usage. A study conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry found that there is a direct correlation between proper vision correction and worker productivity.

Recognizing that there was a growing need to provide high quality, affordable, readymade eye protection for the millions of computer users, Computer Eyed, a division of Vision Concepts International, developed a line of innovative optical quality computer glasses that correct for both computer vision, (mid-range,18”-30” from object) and reading/keyboard vision, (close, 8”-12” from object). The patent-pending lens also has an anti-glare coating that reduces the digital glare emitted from the average computer screen, thus providing the user increased visual comfort and acuity.

“Most people don’t know that they are using their mid-range vision when viewing a computer,"said Optician Lester Frankel, but by wearing eyeglasses designed to correct for mid-range vision, visual discomfort will be eliminated."

Custom made computer glasses can cost consumers hundreds of dollars. Computer Eyed’s over the counter bifocal computer readers are affordable, fashionable, and prevent the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.

“All I can say is thank you, I have been using your computer glasses for over a month and my tired, itchy eyes and headaches have disappeared. Great style and quality and they didn’t cost me a fortune”
Rebecca Neumann,
Grant Writer

Computer Eyed’s computer glasses come in eight fashionable frame styles. The optical quality frames have spring hinges, stylish detailing and come with coordinating protective eyeglass case. Lens powers offered start at +1.50 through + 3.00. Suggested retail $39.99

Features and Benefits of Computer Eyed Computer Glasses:

    Prevents the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome
    Optical quality bifocal lens that corrects for both reading (close) and computer (mid-range)
    Convenience, one pair of eyeglasses that corrects two vision problems
    Anti-glare coating that reduces digital glare and provides increased visual acuity and comfort
    Optical quality frame and lens
    Spring hinges
    Light weight
    Comes with coordinating protective eyeglass case

About Computer Eyed:

Vision Concepts International is a specialty eyewear company located in Boca Raton, Florida. Specialty eyewear product lines include, Computer Eyed, computer glasses, Go Green! Readers, eco-friendly reading glasses, and Gamer’s Edge, gamer glasses.

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