Rescuecom's Top 5 Tips to Prevent a Laptop Computer Repair

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RESCUECOM's five tips to keep laptops running smoothly and money in consumers' pockets by avoiding unnecessary laptop repair or computer repair expenses

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When you're on the go and having laptop problems, RESCUECOM's laptop repair service can respond, 24/7, to your wireless, virus and software issues.

1) Small Fixes to Avoid Big Problems

RESCUECOM's techs see a great variety of computer repair problems every day; one of the most common computer repairs deals with laptop screens. Laptop screens typically use liquid crystal display (or LCD) to show images and are made of millions of little dots called pixels. When sections of your screen appear distorted or smudged, these pixels are probably "stuck" on one color and may need a laptop repair. Professional laptop repair services may be able to fix or "unstick" small amounts of damaged pixels, or just turn them off so that they appear black. A white or black pixel is dead and likely cannot be fixed through a simple laptop repair. With too many dead pixels, a laptop repair may not be enough, and you may need to replace your screen.

2) Do-It-Yourself Laptop Screen Repairs

A dark or unlit screen is often an easy laptop repair. Laptop screens are backlit and turned on or off by opening or closing the lid of your laptop, triggering a switch. Often times, this switch may stick and not turn on the backlight when you open it. These small switches tend to be near the hinges of the laptop and can usually be freed by tapping them lightly, without needing a professional laptop computer repair. Another possibility is that your backlight may not be receiving power properly; that is a computer repair issue usually indicated by a flickering screen. Laptop repairs of this nature usually involve the inverter, a part in your laptop that sends power to your laptop's backlight. This can be a simple and relatively cheap laptop repair to do on your own, or turn to the pros at RESCUECOM for an experienced computer repair.

3) How Screen Savers Can Literally Save Your Screen

A screen saver can help you avoid needing a computer repair for your laptop screen. When your laptop is left open and idle for a long time, the constant static display of the same image can "burn" your screen. Eventually this "burning" will require a laptop repair for the screen, as it gradually quickens the deterioration of your screen's resolution and weakens its ability to show colors. A screen saver allows your idle screen to run a constantly moving display and keep your resolution changing until you return. This can help eliminate the possibility of that static, burning effect and help you avoid computer repairs for your laptop screen. Also, most computers allow your screen saver to be password-protected: An unattended, idle computer displaying a screen saver will not allow a user back into the computer without a password. Not only can a screen saver save your computer from unnecessary laptop repairs, but it can also safeguard your privacy.

4) Tips to Avoid Major Computer Repairs

Besides the many computer repair issues we've seen regarding laptop screens, many other common problems can require laptop repairs. If you drop your laptop, that can damage the motherboard and require expensive computer repair services. If you spill liquid on your laptop, that can cause short circuits and corrosion and warrant laptop repair on your hardware. In the event of a spill on your laptop, immediately turn off the computer and leave it upside down for roughly 30 minutes. Once the computer is sufficiently dry, you should seek a laptop repair service to inspect and see if additional laptop repair steps are needed. Overheating can also cause physical damage to a laptop's hardware. Consider hiring a computer repair service to have your laptop's fan safely cleaned free of any dirt and dust buildup and examined for any other potential computer repair issues.

5) Seek Expert Advice for Your Computer Repair

Laptop computer repair companies offer different services and levels of expertise, but most laptop repairs can be costly. RESCUECOM encourages you to research your laptop repair problem to learn how to do simple computer repair tasks, but never risk taking on a complicated laptop repair without first consulting flawless, 24/7, onsite computer repair support from RESCUECOM.

For information on products, services, laptop repair or computer repair, visit Rescuecom or call 1-800-RESCUE-PC.


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