Ebook Author Sets Out to Revolutionize the Way the World Types

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Many millions of people who type for hours each day do not know that there is a time-saving way to type. Attorney, Stephen Crilly, has released an ebook entitled, Computer Speed Typing Made Easy, showing that in 30 minutes or less, you can learn to type with “autocorrecting” abbreviations. In many instances, you simply type the first three letters of the word followed by two dots, and the full word instantly appears on your screen. The “Dot Dot Abbreviation System,” as it is called, saves a great many keystrokes and makes typing faster, easier and less tedious.

A newly-released ebook, Computer Speed Typing Made Easy, describes a system for typing with autocorrecting abbreviations that can be learned in 30 minutes or less. Author and attorney, Stephen Crilly reports: “I have been using this speed typing system for years to type legal briefs. I haven’t found anyone else using it. I wrote the ebook to make typing faster, easier and less tedious for those who spend a substantial amount of time at the keyboard.”

Mr. Crilly adds, “If I sit down with someone at the computer, I can have the person using the system in about ten minutes. They are always amazed. It is very easy to learn.” In many instances, you simply type the first three letters of the word, followed by two dots, and the full word instantly appears on your screen. The system works within Microsoft Word® and Corel WordPerfect®. The system also works when typing emails in Microsoft Outlook®. No additional software is required.

For example, to type the word “because,” you would simply type “bec..” and the full word will appear on your screen the instant you type the second dot after the abbreviation. Here are a few more examples: type “ack..” for “acknowledge,” “Feb..” for “February,” and “max..” for “maximum.” For some words, it will be four letters, such as: “abbr..” for “abbreviation” and “info..” for “information.” The ebook shows you how to set up any autocorrecting abbreviation for any word or phrase in seconds. The ebook's website includes a screen capture demonstration showing the speed typing system in operation: http://ComputerSpeedTyping.com.

One of the great features of the ebook is that it includes extensive lists of suggested abbreviations for common words and phrases, as well as for technical jargon used in business, finance, law, medicine, manufacturing, the sciences, government, the military, and other fields. Since the ebook is already on the computer, the reader can easily select the words from the Appendices and import them into the Word and WordPerfect databases used for autocorrection. The Association of Legal Administrators liked the concept and has a news item in the July/August edition of their publication, ALA News.

Mr. Crilly concludes, “I sympathize with those people around the world who are constantly banging away at the keyboard and unaware of this easier way to type. This system will make their typing less tedious, but the challenge is making them aware of it. At present, it is the 'early adopters' who are buying the ebook. Once the word gets out, I believe it will become commonplace. I couldn’t imagine typing a document without it. I plan versions for other languages.”

About the author: Stephen Crilly has an undergraduate business degree from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA degree with a specialization in international business from San Francisco State University. Mr. Crilly graduated from Syracuse University College of Law in 1984 with a J.D. and a Certificate in International Legal Studies. At Syracuse, he was Senior Executive Editor of the Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce and received an award as the outstanding graduate in the International Legal Studies Program. He was admitted to practice law in New York and Missouri, served as Assistant International Counsel for a Fortune 500 company, and has worked as an attorney with several law firms. Mr. Crilly presently resides near Breckenridge, Colorado.

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