Social Networking, Cloud Computing, Smartphones and Tablets will Take Center Stage in 2013, says Global Digital Forensics Founder

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From banking to staying in touch and almost everything in between, being plugged into the digital world, for many, is not only about personal convenience anymore, it has become an integral part of daily business functions as well. Joe Caruso, founder and CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics (GDF), took some time to discuss how he sees 2013 shaping up on the cyber frontier and how GDF will be positioned to serve client needs in the cyber security, electronic discovery (eDiscovery) and computer forensics arenas as the new year unfolds.

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Computer Forensics 2013

Whether the issue is cyber security, or digital evidence involved in a legal matter, if the answers are “in the data” it all comes back to computer forensics

To stay on top in the computer forensics game, the quality which must be embraced above all others is adaptability to constant change. Every day there are new computers and devices, new applications, new fads and new offerings, and as technology continues to encroach on almost every aspect of doing business today, staying on top of the newest trends and technologies is essential for any professionals who will be relied on to “save the day” when problems and/or questions lie in the digital world. Global Digital Forensics founder and CEO/CTO has lived on that cutting edge of the cyber world for over two decades and is once again getting Global Digital Forensics geared up for the challenges and technologies he expects will crowd more into the spotlight in 2013 and answers some questions to share some of his insight on what he believes clients can expect and how GDF will be positioned to respond.

How will computer forensics change in 2013?

“Whether the issue is cyber security, or digital evidence involved in a legal matter, if the answers are “in the data” it all comes back to computer forensics. But the game is getting more complex by the year. The scope of engagements which were once confined to a few PCs, laptops and maybe an internal network, have really exploded with all of the shared technologies now in the picture. Cloud computing is a force, reliance on mobile devices is continuing to surge, social networking has gained strength exponentially and our dependence on all of it has never been higher. And those forces all converge on every front, from cyber intrusions and data breaches, to finding the “smoking gun” evidence that will make or break a legal case. If you don’t have a firm grasp on every one of these areas and more, it’s not a recipe for success, it’s a recipe for costly disasters.”

What trend will be the biggest game changer?

“The explosion in businesses embracing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mentality to increase connectivity and production is one of the biggest things really changing the landscape. Couple that with increased use and reliance on social networking, and the lines have never been more blurred between work and play. Mix in cloud computing with all its geo-divergent data repositories, shared resources and applications, and that means a whole slew of new vectors to consider, from increased vulnerability to cyber threats, to the potential for a vast geographic landscape and a plethora of systems and devices to be in play when electronic discovery (eDiscovery) for a legal matter, and all the precision and defensibility it entails, stand between ultimate success and failure.”

How will Global Digital Forensics stay ahead of the curve?

“As we’ve always done, by listening to clients, observing trends and keeping up with all the latest technologies. I’ve been at this a long time, from dual-floppy PCs, to smartphones with the computing power of a circa 1990’s military supercomputer, making every transition along the way to stay in front of the newest technologies. That’s what it takes to excel in the competitive world of computer forensics and it’s we demand of our specialists at GDF. I've watched countless computer forensics companies try and fail along the way, and more often than not it’s because they find themselves stagnating in a fluid industry with a business model they found initially successful, but soon find that only concentrating on yesterday and now will only get you so far in the constantly evolving world of digital information. We know keeping a full half of our focus on tomorrow is the only way we will be able to meet our clients’ requirements at a level they need, deserve and expect to receive when they have problems that revolve around ESI (Electronically Stored Information) , problems which are often very sensitive in nature.”

To find out how Global Digital Forensics can tailor solutions to fit almost any unique need, call 1-800-868-8189 for a free initial consultation with an experienced and certified computer forensics specialist currently being offered to new clients, or visit for more information. Emergency incident response teams are standing by 24/7.

*Global Digital Forensics is a recognized leader providing cutting edge solutions in the fields of computer forensics, eDiscovery and intrusion incident response services. With offices in 16 US states and 30 offices around the world, our global reach is supremely positioned to react quickly and efficiently with a staff of highly qualified and experienced specialists. Many Fortune 500 companies have trusted GDF with their most sensitive situations. GDF has the technology, skill and experience to ensure any data breach or intrusion incidents, computer forensics tasks and/or eDiscovery needs are handled in a highly cost effective manner, while always ensuring exceptional results.

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