Olde World Stone and Tile Molds, Inc. to Introduce Foreign Manufacturing Licensing Program in 2012

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There is much talk and publicity today about too many of our products being imported into the USA. The feeling is that this is costing thousands of American jobs, and adversely affecting our trade deficit numbers. In direct response to that, there is a small concrete mold manufacturing company in Southwest Florida that is, “trying in our very small way,” according to owner John Panagos, “to help balance the scales a smidgen – whatever a smidgen is,” he adds with a smile. The company is Olde World Stone and Tile Molds, Inc., in Port Charlotte, Florida. And the feeling is that it’s their patriotic duty to make a serious effort to export their business model.

concrete patio pavers made with Olde World Stone Molds

First-time customer patio paver project

Olde World Stone and Tile Molds, Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing concrete products and molds to make concrete stone, pavers, cement tile, brick veneer, and other garden and home improvement products for over twenty years. About eight years ago, they started marketing their products directly to consumers here in the United States via their TheMoldStore website. As a result of their marketing efforts, their customer base has expanded far beyond the shores of the USA rapidly. Regarding that fact, Olde World’s Founder and President John Panagos said, “While our sales have grown dramatically here in the States each year since opening our online eStore, as has our foreign shipments, I firmly feel that we have not even scratched the surface of the potential foreign consumer market. We have such strong demand for our products from consumers internationally, but unfortunately the shipping costs present a hardship for many of them. As a result, about 30% of our foreign orders are cancelled due to the high cost of shipping.”

Mr. Panagos then adds, “So – we are currently working on a program to expand the manufacturing of our molds under a licensing program for entrepreneurs or existing businesses in other countries. Basically, we plan to export a complete business start-up package that includes training, master molds, the technology and systems information we currently use, on-going support, and everything necessary to start and operate a foreign operation duplicating our USA based TheMoldStore business model. And since we pride ourselves on the fact that all raw materials used in our manufacturing process are ‘Made in America’, our suppliers will benefit greatly from this expansion overseas as well.”

In addition to hard assets, there will be a central on-line support and training web site for the Licensee's customers. It will be an exact duplication of what we offer in the United States, and include videos, tutorials, and photos. The Licensee will create and manage their on-line eStore, and service that country or Master License area. Any foreign orders received by TheMoldStore USA operation will be forwarded to the originating country Licensee, if one exists.

According to Panagos, “We hope to have our Licensing Program finalized shortly, and have our new Licensees committed by the end of 2012. In summary, we plan to offer a manufacturing License to make and supply our molds and other products to specific licensed countries. The Licensee will receive mold masters, the technology and complete training, instructions and guidance in the manufacturing and marketing process, as well as ongoing support. They will operate a clone of TheMoldStore business model, as well as our Olde World Stone Business Opportunity business model. This will enable them to set up small concrete products manufacturers through the sale of Business Start-up Packages, as we do here.” According to Mr. Panagos, his business model is designed to provide a wholesale mold and chemical customer base for the Licensee. This is in addition to the retail base acquired through the Licensees’ TheMoldStore eStore. License fees will be based on population and business potential, as well as factors like the amount of time and help needed in setting up their business.

By having their molds manufactured in various countries, Olde World hopes to overcome many of the logistic problems and obstacles they presently face by manufacturing and distributing only in the USA. Mr. Panagos offered as an example, the fact that they currently do a fair amount of business in Australia and Canada. But they also lose quite a few orders when the customer is informed of the shipping costs. They have also sold customers in quite a few of the African Nations, so a Licensee on the African Continent would make sense. A local Licensee might have better knowledge and understanding of an area, thus making it possible to do more business there.

The size and type of equipment and the capacity of it, will be based on anticipated mold production estimates for the Licensee's Territory. If the necessary equipment is available locally, recommendations could be provided as to the equipment needed for the size of the Licensee's operation. This could help save the Licensee shipping and acquisition costs. For additional information about their Foreign Licensing Program, visit the Olde World Stone Business Opportunity website.

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