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Constipation Home Remedy

Constipation Home Remedy

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Constipation is a digestive disorder which occurs when the digestive wastes moving through the colon becomes dry, hardened and hence eliminated with a lot of difficulty. It can happen to anyone at any stage of life due to lack of physical activity, severe colon diseases and consumption of certain drugs. Under normal conditions, one bowel movement is required daily for a healthy person. Fortunately, constipation can be addressed effectively by using a number of constipation home remedies.

A feeling of constipation in most cases ignites the instinct to reach for commercial laxatives which might not help as such. Instead, consider the following constipation home remedies that work safely and effectively.

High fiber diet
A recent research has reported high fiber diet as the most effective constipation home remedy for people suffering from chronic/sever constipation. Therefore, eat a well-balanced diet rich in natural fiber, especially in the morning while the stomach is still empty. For example, fig is considered as a rich source of fiber and calcium and can be prepared by boiling 7-8 figs in water; after which it is recommended to be drank before going to bed. Other fiber-rich foods include beans of all kinds, whole grains, broccoli, nuts and fruits like plums. Actually, taking a high-fiber diet is an excellent home remedy for constipation.

Water is one of the easiest home remedies for constipation that has also been reported to work more effectively without causing any side effects. As a matter of fact, it is the healthiest constipation home remedy. Drink enough water as a way of preventing constipation and other health complications like dehydration. Usually, the recommended amount of water intake is six to eight glasses daily.

Cascara Sagrada
According to a study published recently on The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook, it emerged that people find it hard to change diets to something that relieves constipation. The handbook recommends cascara sagrada, a well-known gentle laxative. It is a Native American herbal remedy made from the bark of sacred bark tree. Cascara sagrada can be taken as tea on a daily basis for a period of approximately two weeks. Unfortunately, the tea is very bitter but can be sweetened with honey.

Aloe Vera juice to cure constipation
This is one simplest home remedy for constipation and it is prepared by mixing Aloe Vera juice with black pepper rock salt and black pepper powder. The antifungal properties of Aloe Vera can help to keep the bowel movements intact, especially when consumed in the morning for two consecutive weeks. However, it is not suitable for pregnant women.

Castor oil
Majority of people are very reluctant to adopt castor oil as a constipation home remedy because it tastes nasty but works. Good results of this remedy have been reported mainly in cases involving infant constipation. Castor oil has a compound that stimulates bowel movements in both small and large intestines. Take at least one teaspoonful of castor oil before bed time.

These are just but a few constipation remedies which have documented evidences in health journals and magazines worldwide. In some other news reports, exercise and fruits have also shown significant laxative properties. However, before taking any constipation home remedy, consult a physician or any medical practitioner, especially in the case of severe constipation.

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