Shocking Activities that Can Damage Consumer Credit Scores

Share Article men’s lifestyle and finance magazine comments on the unexpected activities that can drag down a consumer credit score, as brought to light by a recent U.S. News article

As humans, it’s important for us to be aware of the impacts of our decisions. And as consumers, it’s very important to know when our decisions will have a negative impact on our finances. men’s lifestyle and finance magazine today released their statement regarding some surprising occurrences that can drag down a consumer credit score. These incidents have not been widely regarded as detrimental to credit scores, however a recent article by U.S. News reports that activities like canceling a gym membership or getting a rental car can actually damage a credit score.’s take on this may serve to help spread knowledge to consumers so that they may be aware of little known actions that may be hurting their credit.

Sabah Karimi of Wise Bread authored an article that was recently published in the U.S. News Money section, outlining eight shocking activities that possess the potential to have a negative impact on consumer credit scores. Karimi explains that actions such as buying a new cell phone or not paying traffic tickets may cause that consumer’s credit score to dip. These are acts that many Americans do not regard as harmful to their credit scores, however Karimi points out that even something as commonplace as buying a new cell phone can cause a drop. Reportedly, most cell phone providers require a credit check when they sign on a new customer, which will result in an inquiry on one’s report. Credit inquiries negatively affect the score, although the most common types of credit inquiries are when a consumer is looking to take out a loan or mortgage, or open a new line of credit. applauds U.S. News for shining a spotlight on some lesser-known actions that consumers may commonly be partaking in, unaware of the ramifications they can have on their credit.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “As humans, it’s important for us to be aware of the impacts of our decisions. And as consumers, it’s very important to know when our decisions will have a negative impact on our finances. When people think of things that will damage their credit score, they often think of applying for a new line of credit, missing a payment, or maxing out a credit card. I’m glad that some of the more unfamiliar actions are being exposed so that consumers can become aware of all the things they could do that may negatively impact their scores, and then alter their actions to protect their score.”

In the above-mentioned article, Karimi points out that even failing to pay a traffic tickets can have a damaging effect on one’s credit score. She states that violations such as parking and speeding tickets can be reported to credit bureaus after they have gone unpaid for a certain amount of time. Another uncommonly thought of credit score-downer can come from canceling one’s gym membership. Some, not all, gyms could report consumers to the credit bureau if they fail to follow a certain protocol when canceling their membership, such as stopping payments from automatic debit or leaving the gym before a contract is up. points out that there are a lot of things that can cause credit scores to drop, advising consumers to make themselves familiar with all of the potential ways before they see the impact.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “It’s each person’s responsibility to brush up on their credit knowledge and other personal finance info that will help them better their financial situation. It’s a great thing to be a positive cause over your finances, as opposed to feeling as though other factors are impacting your finances for the worse. In order to be a cause, you have to be savvy about your credit and know the sorts of things both to do and not to do. Articles like U.S. News’ are so great because they go past just the basics of credit knowledge to the ‘fine print,’ if you will, and help keep consumers informed of all the threats out there.”

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