Money Mermaid Revealed Best Consumer Resources Site Regarding Debt Consolidation

Money Mermaid revealed the best consumer resources site for debt consolidation in the wake of the Oman Observer’s September 30th article, titled “More and More Are Going for Personal Loans”.

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Apollo Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 01, 2013

Following the Oman Observer’s September 30th article, entitled “More and More Are Going for Personal Loans”, Money Mermaid revealed the best consumer resources site for debt consolidation. This announcement was made after the article was published, as the article discussed personal loans and the increasing popularity of loans, as well as other personal debts. Many different bill sources often piques the interest of consumers, as an increasing number of bills from an increasing number of places can be both confusing and overwhelming. Debt consolidation seeks to eradicate this confusion and struggle, both with personal loans and other personal debts.

Haider Al-Latwi discussed the increase of personal loan use despite increasing restrictions on lending. Personal loan applications increased as personal loan funds increased by almost 4 percent. Personal loans, themselves, have increased to approximately 40 percent. Though this trend is an international one, the advent of personal loans in banking institutions has led to a world-wide increase of taking out personal loans, leading to increasing and diversified debt.

Following the article discussion the increase of personal loan use, Money Mermaid announced the best consumer information and resources site. The site’s page, titled “Consumer Resources”, offers numerous assistance for consumers looking to learn more about debt consolidation. The resources listed include a basic definition of debt consolidation, the different types of debt that can be consolidated, debt and consolidation calculators, and the pros and cons of debt consolidation. Money Mermaid believes that this page (found on offers an unbiased list of resources for those interested in combining many loan payments into one monthly payment.

Haider Al-Latwi is a regular contributor to the Oman Daily Observer, a national print and online newspaper. His work focuses around finances and the financial world, both local and national stories.

Following the article discussing the increasing use of personal loans, Money Mermaid revealed a consumer resource page that is the top of its class, offering numerous resources for individuals interested in debt consolidation. The site focuses on smooth and easy navigation, boasting a clean layout and thoroughly researched and supported information and articles regarding debt consolidation and all that it entails. Because of its layout and content, Money Mermaid awarded it the title of best consumer resources page regarding debt and debt consolidation.

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