As Disinherited NSW Residents Gain Awareness Contesting Wills, The Experts At Taylor & Scott Lawyers See Enquiries Spike By Thirty-Three Percent

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Over the last year, the contesting wills experts at Taylor & Scott Lawyers have experienced a 33% upsurge in queries. They attribute this spike to people becoming more educated about their rights, in conjunction with recent legislation changes in NSW.

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Taylor & Scott Lawyers: Experts in Contesting Wills

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain if you feel unjustly disinherited

In the past, contesting wills has been a sensitive topic that many people, who felt unlawfully or mistakenly left out, never pursued their rights. However, now with increasing awareness and legislation changes, residents of New South Wales are gaining confidence about contesting wills. Senior Associate of Taylor & Scott Lawyers Ms. Evelyn Gardis says, “Our enquiries have increased by 33% compared to that of last year because the public is now more aware, be it through access to the internet or the publicity of awards being made to those previously cut-out of wills. The demand for my team’s know-how has definitely increased.”

The subject of wills and estates can be a touchy one, especially for those who feel they have been left out of a rightful inheritance. During such an emotional time, pursuing a fair review and potential award for any legacy can cause friction and upset. The lack of understanding in this sensitive area has kept many people from obtaining what could be rightfully theirs.

Recent legislation changes, publicity of awards and access to information has led many to finally understand the fairness provided by contesting wills. The expert team at Taylor & Scott Lawyers have been helping people challenge wills for decades; allowing those who were previously unable or unsure to lawfully receive their due inheritance.

Ms. Gardis comments, “People are far more aware about estates and wills now, so they’re inclined to do something if they feel they've been disinherited, or didn't get a fair shake.” She also emphasizes that “people do have rights and we’re happy to look into those rights to see if a claim can be brought forward.”

The Senior Associate goes on to say that most people don’t realise “they probably have a justifiable claim, and that it’s likely the estate will have to pay the legal costs - not the individual - of course depending on the situation.”

The contesting wills experts at Taylor & Scott Lawyers have experienced a thirty-three per cent rise in their enquiries regarding estates and wills, and Ms. Gardis credits the increase as a result of “people having more access to the internet, recent changes in the NSW laws, as well as more publicity about awards being made for those who’ve been cut out of wills.”

Ms. Gardis also remarks that as a result of more media exposure, the once- delicate subject of contesting wills “has an increasing degree of public acceptance and interest. Bringing a claim forward doesn’t always mean it must be bitter, and for many people their position is completely substantiated and respected.”

Ms. Gardis says her professional team take clients through a “very detailed process so we can establish exactly how they've been unfairly treated.” She also states that Will Executors and Trustees of Estates are “far more willing to listen to claims now because they realise courts can overturn rulings. Plus, the process can be a very expensive exercise, so it makes more sense to get it settled sooner rather than later.”

Taylor & Scott Lawyers often take their NSW clients on a “no-win no-pay basis, and always initially confer at no charge to get an understanding of their claim. So, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain if you feel unjustly disinherited” says Ms Gardis.

To have their contesting wills queries increase by thirty-three per cent, in comparison to last year, is not only a clear indication of people’s growing awareness of inheritance rights, but a great compliment to the wills and estates team at Taylor & Scott Lawyers. For those who believe they’ve been left out of a will and need expert advice and assistance, call 1-800-600-664 to organise a complimentary initial consultation, or click here for more information.

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