Bachelor Party Bay Current 2012 Figures Show Costa Rica Surpassing Las Vegas

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Once standing as the bachelor party capital, Las Vegas stands by as Costa Rica threatens to bypass the desert city. Sales figures from the reservations expert Bachelor Party Bay show that bachelor party sales in Costa Rica have tripled since last year's 1st quarter close.

Costa Rica Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Bay Costa Rica

According to travel reservations expert Bachelor Party Bay, the tropical, Pacific country of Costa Rica has seen an increase in destination bachelor parties. For the first quarter of 2012, the company reported an increase in sales that was triple its figures for the first quarter of 2011. With the strain on the economy still weighing heavily on people’s minds, the increase in sales for such a non-essential event shows promise for not only the future of the destination bachelor party but also for such companies that, only too recently, feared the worst. One place that won’t benefit from Bachelor Party Bay’s success is the continental desert city of Las Vegas, NV, which, at one time, was the go to place for the destination bachelor party.

Though attractive with its colorful city lights, vast array of nightlife entertainment, and, of course, the stretch of casinos along Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas’ drab desert environment and overbearing heat mostly forces the party to remain in doors, where have the opportunity of inhaling a steady, stale mix of perfume and cigarette smoke. This is just the tip of the ice burg when looking at the differences between the tropical country and the dry valley. Replacing the rough, desert valley with a vast sea of greenery, Costa Rica’s expansive tropical forests help add a bit more of a visual stimulation than what Las Vegas has to offer. It also doesn’t hurt the country’s repertoire that most of Bachelor Party Bay’s accommodations, which come in the form of expansive mansions and villas, overlook either pleasant and open fields of beautifully landscaped greenery or the inviting crystal clear water of the Pacific Ocean - a fact that Las Vegas can only combat with expensive penthouses that overlook the rest of its concrete jungle and a nearby, man-made lake.

Where Las Vegas is best known for its indoor affairs and its alcohol content, Costa Rica is able to mix the party atmosphere with a little taste of adventure and more recreational activities. Costa Rica’s tropical landscape makes for the perfect environment for ATV tours that give guests an open view of all of the countries pleasantries. The more adventurous type would be attracted to the zip line tour, which follows a trail along the canopy of the tropical forest and gives an overhead view of Costa Rica’s exotic wildlife. On top of blatantly exciting activities, Costa Rica is also home to some more toned down events including a chartered fishing trip. Costa Rica’s biggest advantage over many of the United States‘ continental party cities is its vast sandy beaches. Tourists to the little country can charter private vessels to an assortment of party beaches where they’ll get to mingle with some of the countries most attractive latino locals. In places like Las Vegas, the party is essentially limited to inside nightclubs, hotels, and the limited space offered by the resort pools.

With its advantageous tropical setting, extensive list of exciting activities, and amenities that rival most Hollywood mansions, Costa Rica’s popularity as a destination bachelor party hotspot is bound to continue to grow in the future. Though Las Vegas stood at one point in time as the bachelor party capital of the western hemisphere, Costa Rica’s attraction of North American and European tourists has rapidly grown over the past few years, making it a threatening competitor for the infamous desert city.

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