Craig Seldin Responds to Social Media Trends in Divorce Cases

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Many divorce attorneys are reporting an increase in the involvement of evidence gathered from clients’ social networking sites. Craig Seldin, a Houston-based lawyer, comments on the rise of social media in divorce proceedings.

Social media is laced with several positive benefits, as many users applaud the use of Facebook to connect with old friends, share thoughts and communicate with others at a quick pace. While the use of social networks may have increased the connectivity of Internet users across the globe, it is also connected to a rise in affairs and evidence used in divorce cases. A recent report from The Detroit Free Press addresses these increases and states, “more than 80% of U.S. divorce attorneys say they've seen a rise in the number of cases using social networking, according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.” Craig Seldin is a divorce and family law attorney in Houston, Texas and notes that these websites do not only create opportunities for affairs, but also have lawyers learning how to incorporate them into divorce trials.

The article also refers to a study from Divorce Online, a UK-based legal services firm, that revealed over a third of UK divorce filings included the word “Facebook.” These numbers indicate that the use of social media is not necessarily just a trend in American divorce, but one that is affecting married couples all over the world. Author of Facebook and Your Marriage, K. Jason Krafsky, tells The Detroit Free Press, “Affairs happen with a lightning speed on Facebook… It puts temptation in the path of people who would never in a million years risk having an affair.”

Not only do these websites increase the opportunity for adultery, but also provide a wealth of evidence for lawyers to use in divorce trials. Craig Seldin comments, “What children and parents communicate on Facebook and other social media sites can be used as critical evidence in divorces. Without social media documentation, it is difficult to prove various allegations of adultery or other issues in a divorce. With social media, a person can provide a party with tremendous evidence.” The article notes that websites like Facebook present a false sense of security; individuals feel that they can post anything to “let off steam,” when it can actually be more incriminating than users anticipated.

These possibilities have many attorneys realizing the threat of Facebook-related information when trying to achieve the best results for their clients. Craig Seldin observes on this common trend among legal professionals, “One of the first tasks of an attorney is to ensure that his client discontinues use of social media networking during the divorce. It is not uncommon to see Facebook accounts disappear during a divorce.”


Craig Seldin is a Texas State Law professional who is skilled in several practice areas. He works to provide legal representation that is efficient, affordable and aggressive to meet a client’s needs. Skilled in family and divorce law, Craig Seldin is an expert on child custody, property and asset issues. His services are currently available to those within the Houston, Texas area.

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