Army of Minions (5,000 strong) Personally Verify ebay, craigslist and E-Commerce Items, Property, Persons with Report, Photos, Video in US

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A new company, WeGoLook, adds real people to the internet equation and allows a person to be in two places at once. By verifying eBay, craigslist and e-commerce items, customers avoid becoming victims of misrepresentation or fraud. WeGoLook will validate an item's existence (including property and online dates) with a personalized report featuring current photos and video.

Verify Item's Existence Before You Buy

if only there was a way to see it, to know for sure

International internet consumers can now breathe a sigh of relief. WeGoLook has launched a nationwide service that provides third-party independent verification on virtually any item. WeGoLook is an online service that provides visual confirmation and a personalized report complete with current photos, video and observation of a working demonstration. WeGoLook customers are better informed and avoid costly surprises. The days spent wondering if the item actually exists or if the seller's claims are valid will be forever banished.

Here's how it works. Simply click on and complete a "Look" request and include any additional questions that may need answered. One of over 5,000 professional "Lookers" (background check verified) is quickly dispatched to the item, property or person to complete their observation. The observation will include watching a working demonstration of the item (if applicable), answering questions posed by the consumer such as measurements, specific logos/engraving, serial, model or vin numbers and more. Current photos and/or video of the item, property or person will also be taken by the Looker and included on the customer's WeGoLook report. WeGoLook will even deliver an item to a shipper in order to avoid bait-and-switch-fraud or arrange transportation for larger items such as vehicles and boats. WeGoLook's professional "Lookers" provide an independent, unbiased third-party verification report.

WeGoLook is a nationwide company based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Co-founder Mark Caywood wanted to purchase an expensive item on eBay, but he wasn't sure if the item truly existed or was in working order. He also wanted to confirm the model number provided by the seller. Though he was unsure about the item, traveling to another state to look at it for himself was not feasible. Caywood thought, "if only there was a way to see it, to know for sure". And was born.

“How many times have you wondered if what you’re buying online is really what the seller says it is,” said Robin Smith, who, with Caywood, founded, “ provides users with an unbiased, visual confirmation, photos and a report completed by a real person to verify that purchases, property or anything being looked at is safe and secure.”

International fraudsters are becoming increasingly technologically savvy but now internet consumers are able to protect themselves with by simply sending a "Looker" to verify the item, property or person. No matter what part of the world you live in, you will now have the option of sending a real person (Looker) on your behalf within The United States before you purchase an online item, make vacation plans at a resort or travel to meet your online date. WeGoLook first so you can avoid internet fraud later.


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