Crawl Space Experts, E-Mora Construction, Advises on the Top Mistakes Homeowners Make About Indoor Air Quality.

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E-Mora Construction, a company in the Bay Area that specializes in crawl space moisture barrier installation, sump pumps and basement systems, is advising homeowners on how to improve the air quality in their homes.

E-Mora Construction can protect your crawl space, clean-up and moisture barrier installation

Because of a phenomenon called the stack effect, the air in your crawl space cycles into the living area of your home, taking with it any contaminants in the air of the crawl space

Parts of the home that are not seen are usually taken for granted. However, as experts will advise, these areas are just as important as those that are visible, if not more. As crawl space and moisture barrier experts in the Bay Area, E-Mora Construction, is sharing with homeowners why it is important to pay attention to these parts.

A crawl space is an area in the building, usually under a floor or roof, that gives workers access to plumbing or wiring. Because of its isolation, it often becomes the playground for pests like rodents, termites and carpenter ants; grows mold and mildew; aggravates allergies and asthma; and diminishes the overall quality of indoor air.

“Because of a phenomenon called the stack effect, the air in your crawl space cycles into the living area of your home, taking with it any contaminants in the air of the crawl space,” Ernesto Mora said. “If you have a damp, moldy, unsealed crawl space, the chance that you have compromised indoor air quality in your home is high.”

Taking steps to moisture proof the crawl space is a very important move a homeowner can make to protect both the property and a family’s health. Some might say that increasing ventilation in the crawl space will lessen the moisture; however, new studies have shown that the addition of vents will worsen the condition if there is a moisture problem in the crawl.

The crawl space must be encapsulated, but unlike plastic sheeting available at home improvement stores, E-Mora uses vapor barriers with UV inhibitors that keep the materials from breaking down, extending the life of the product.

In addition, dryer, bathroom and kitchen vents must lead outside of the building and not into the crawl space, otherwise they will increase moisture. Adding moisture to the space increases humidity, thus facilitating the growth of mold.

Finally, to ensure the air quality in the home is at its best, a homeowner must hire an inspector trained in mold detection and have a professional clean the air ducts and install the crawl space barrier system that is perfect for the home.

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Bay Area basement system company, E-Mora Construction, strives to protect the health of a person's home and the people that reside inside from wet crawl spaces by installing a vapor barrier system in the crawl spaces or basement systems of the home. This allows for no more excess humidity, crawl space moisture or musty odors. E-Mora Construction also provides French drains and trench drains.

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