Credit Repair Business Secrets Revealed at The Credit Boot Camp, Industry Insiders Unite to Provide Live Credit Repair Business Training

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The once Mysterious Question of How to Start a Credit Repair Business is finally answered. Starting, managing and growing a successful, legal, moral and ethical credit repair business was once a difficult and lonely task. The Credit Repair Boot Camp has united credit repair companies from around the country to share insider information, tips tricks and tactics. The first ever live credit repair training event was a huge success. Answers to questions in the credit repair world were once tough to come by, but now the networking that was created at the event make finding the answers simple!

" I'm bringing my entire staff to the next event"

Everyone said it couldn't be done

The credit repair industry has long been regarded as an industry of mystery, filled with stigmas and issues. The credit repair industry has been highly scrutinized by everyone from the Media to the Federal regulators. Credit repair industry experts and business owners have unilaterally kept their methods and strategies as their most guarded secrets. When Credit repair Industry thought leader Mike Citron shared his vision of a event, where industry veterans and rookies could unite he was immediately met with resistance.

In an interview with Mike Citron, the visionary behind the Credit Boot Camp, he stated "Everyone said it couldn't be done", and if I tried it, it would be a failure. Those statements fueled Citrons everlasting desire to change the industry and motivated him even more to make it happen. Not only did he make it happen, he made it happen in a huge way.

The Historical first Credit Repair Boot Camp took place in Tampa Jun 5-7th 2009. The and networking extravaganza wound up overtaking the Renaissance Hotel, the perfect venue choice for this industry changing event. The Renaissance hotel is a 4 Diamond Resort attached to the International Plaza in Tampa, Citron negotiated an extreme discount in the standard room rate to make is affordable for all attendees, which was just the start of his amazing event.

The event started with a cocktail party at the Blue Martini, a sheek contemporary bar within walking distance of the hotel. Citron stated, he knew there would be tension and some insecurity in the air, so he figured the best way to break that up was to give everyone an open environment to get to know each other prior to the formal training days.

The biggest objection to attending the event from some of the larger companies was the fear they would be bombarded with questions from future competitors along with the fear that they would be the only "Big" companies. Boy were they wrong! This common issue prior to the event was quickly demystified at the event stated Citron. The larger credit repair companies in attendance gained amazing networking resources as well as vital industry knowledge from what they once thought could be current or future competitors. It may not have been expected, but the undeniable camaraderie was instantaneously noticed by all in attendance.

Attendees stated they have never seen anything like it, Citron started the first day explaining how there truly is no competition for anyone in the credit repair business. He started and maintains the mantra "Help the Consumer", his consistent stance and opinion is, that if everyone shares information, ultimately the consumers will be the greatest beneficiary and the industry will start to lose the stigmas most commonly associated with it. The concept was immediately met with open arms.

The hallways of the 1st class venue and the meeting rooms were filled with credit repair business owners eager to learn and share with their newfound friends. Industry veterans organized after hour's cocktails sessions and late night meetings throughout the gathering areas of the hotel. The event catered to everyone, from single person operations to credit repair giants all were in attendance, and regardless of size of company all were quickly requesting information on the next event. A brief survey of the presentation room showed greater than 30% of the audience were a part of credit repair companies with 8 or more employees.

The first day started with a burst of energy and enthusiasm when marketing genius and Harvard graduate Jon Goldman who gave a fun filled presentation on finding the holes in your marketing. Jon's presentation was a big hit amongst all attendees, from rookies to veterans all in attendance found good use of the information shared. Jon touched on some of the most common mistakes made by credit repair business owners, including marketing, direct mail, and websites.

Mike Citron, visionary behind this event is the CEO of credit repair business software, stated in a recent interview, "If I am going to ask everyone in the room to share info with who they think is their competition- than I have to practice what I preach" Citron invited a variety of credit industry experts regardless of whether or not they competed with the products that he sells. Confusing to some, this move by Citron was well received by everyone in attendance; they were surprised to see someone inviting their competition, however that gesture built immediate confidence in Citron's integrity and mission in the industry.

Citron was commonly referred to as an innovator and someone who is revolutionizing the credit repair industry by attendees at the event. In fact Heath Lehman of Americans for Financial Independence compared Citron's vision of changing the credit repair business to Ray Crock's famous vision of the McDonalds Brand. Although Citron embraced Lehman's compliment he stated "Consumers are under attack- they need help from qualified people, I want to make sure the people that want to help consumers, have the means and availability for advanced education and credit repair training."

One of the highlights of the event was Citrons invitation to Edward Jamison, founder of Credit CRM. Citron and Jamison happily set aside any differences they may have had in the past to reach out together to an industry that desperately needs their help. Citron openly thanked Jamison for being a part of the event and sharing his in depth knowledge of the credit scoring models. Edward Jamison is universally recognized as a credit repair industry leader. Jamison demystified the confusing algorithms of the FICO credit scoring models for the attendees of the event. Jamison too was surprised at the amazing turnout, but was happy to be a part of this history making event. Jamison mentioned he will definitely be attending the next event and will work together with other industry leaders to make this advanced education available to the credit repair industry.
The event was truly an amazing event as described by many attendees.

Some of the comments were:
"I have learned more about credit and credit repair than any other event I have ever been to... I am brining more people next year!" Andrew Canole - CEO Waterfield Credit

"There are a lot of additional secrets I have learned even though I have been in the business for 8 years!" Bill Ipsan - CEO Ipsan West Financial

"I have been in practice for greater than 20 years, I learned things about credit and credit repair at this event that was never taught anywhere else. If you have a market for credit repair, you have got to come to this boot camp."
David Frees Esq. - Internationally recognized Attorney, PA

"The Info learned at the credit boot camp is invaluable. I would recommend this training event to anyone that needs additional knowledge in credit repair".
Jason M. Kaplan Esq. - The Credit Pro's International, NY

Within hours of the event commencing, multiple attendees commented to Citron and his staff that they want to be at the "next" event… and comments like "If I knew if was going to be like this, I would have brought my entire staff" were commonly being heard. Citron, a man who obviously can quickly identify a issues and find solutions instantly DID! By the middle of the second day, Citron announced that he and his staff heard the requests and immediately acted on them. He commanded his awesome staff to work feverishly behind the scenes to secure dates for the next amazing industry changing event. Citron announced the next Credit Boot Camp will be held in Las Vegas this October 16th - 18th. The attendees were so happy of the announcement close to 50% of the attendees immediately secured their registration by filling out special alumni forms to reserve and pay for their attendance at the next event.

Citron, always reacting quickly realized the Camaraderie throughout the event was amazing. To further cultivate the amazing relationships that were built at the event, Citron had his team create a secure online network located at for credit repair businesses to communicate and interact with each other. Almost all of the attendees signed up for this industry changing communications tool. Alumni of the event are receiving a 50% discount off of the ridiculously low priced membership. Alumni will receive that huge discount for life!

The Credit Bootcamp is truly an amazing occurrence for an industry that needs help. The industry and consumers alike are under attack. The only way to make the industry, one to be proud to be a part of is to ensure that proper education and credit repair training is readily available for everyone. Mike Citron has vowed to make that one of his missions, along with continuing the mantra "Help the Consumer"!

For information on attending the next credit boot camp, visit or call 727-842-9999. Exhibitor Space is limited contact Mr. Citron Directly for information on Exhibiting at the event.

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