Platinum Tax Defenders Tax Professionals Say That in Spite of Free Tax Filing Services Such as Free File, An Estimated 57 Million People Still Owe Back Taxes But Why?

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According to IRS Data (IR-2012-7, Jan. 17, 2012) 112 million tax returns were e-filed last year, this figure represented 77 percent of all individual returns that were filed and an increase of 7 percent over the previous year (IR-2011-4, Jan. 14, 2011). This trend illustrates one of growing popularity for filing electronically but barely puts a dent in the estimated 57 million people who owe back taxes.

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The longer back taxes are left unpaid, the bigger impact it will have on your credit worthiness and financial history. Luckily, you can repair your credit score. For more information call Platinum Tax Defenders, 800-991-3242

The IRS “Free File” program which is one of the many e-file options available to consumers is nothing new, but its importance in providing a platform for taxpayers to file taxes in a timely manner and prevent back taxes and penalties is crucial. The service which debuted in January of 2002 (IR-2003-21) offers an “easy and accurate” way to e-file taxes via the IRS website, qualified taxpayers who meet a age, income or state residency criteria can use the service to file their taxes and prevent costly penalties. Platinum Tax Defenders is an advocate of the program, which they believe will help taxpayers in the long term from settling back taxes and having to seek tax relief down the road.
Despite the initial interest the program garnered, many taxpayers still fall prey to filing their taxes late or not at all and subsequently end up owing back taxes and IRS penalties. Despite the available services such as free-file and the many others who use a similar platform, filing taxes late or not at all is still a very common problem. This can be attributed to some very obvious causes, whether it be that the filers are not computer savvy, are elderly, are young, the fact is filing taxes can be a complicated and nerve-wracking experience that many are understandably afraid to attempt on their own. However just as likely is the potential problems that arise and resolving these issues which likewise can be nerve-wracking, requires the expert help of a Tax Attorney to Settle Back Taxes and often incurred penalties.
Platinum Tax Defenders are one of such tax experts who come to the aid of the many individuals who go through this process every tax season. There exists and understanding and realization that fear only perpetuates the problem. As a result Platinum Tax Defenders are one of the few firms who incorporates educating the client as a dynamic part of their services. Additionally provided is an initial consultation to gain a thorough understanding of the clients current tax standing this allows for better and successful negotiating on his/her behalf, taking full advantage of the Offer in compromise, Payment Plans, Tax Collection Appeals, Penalty Abatement and other various Tax Relief options available from the IRS.
As mentioned the e-file method which the “free file” program utilizes has been widely successful and is used by many individual and businesses to fulfill their tax preparation needs in a do-it-yourself manner. Since its inception it has been the preferred method for filing tax returns due to the shorter turn-around time for the user, it also passes on to the consumer cost-saving benefits. I think it’s needless to say that taxes are simply a part of life and they eventually must be paid. The IRS has taken several initiatives to educate the public, mitigate late filings and back taxes with such services as the free file, tax extensions, tax payment plans, youtube videos and the more recent “fresh start” program which allows tax payers that suffered a negative hit on their credit score to have the tax lien removed entirely. These represent just a few of the options a taxpayer has at his/her disposal to correct back taxes by seeking expert help and information and/or filing tax returns in a timely manner.
Mistakes do happen and it is the taxpayers’ responsibility to seek out the necessary help from professionals such as Platinum Tax Defenders to resolve and Settle Back Taxes. There is evident effort by the IRS to reduce the large amount of individuals that owe back taxes and are seeking Tax Relief as such the process of resolving back taxes is an arduous one. Platinum Tax Defenders recognizes thus plays an active role in educating clients; they accomplish this in a cooperative effort wherein the client works with a team of professions to come to a resolution.
Filing late, not at all or inconsistently are just a few of the many ways that taxpayers end up owing the IRS this is often caused by having or having had a serious health problem, received bad or erroneous financial advice, lost or destroyed records, unemployment, being retired and living on a fixed income. These scenarios place many into the large pool of everyday taxpayers who owe taxes and require expert Tax Relief services. Relief is possible with help from companies such as Platinum Tax Defenders who can potentially reduce IRS penalties and amounts owed to cents on the dollar.
Platinum Tax Defenders offers a team of accounting, legal and tax professionals with decades of experience. These skilled professionals work together to provide customized Tax Relief via Offer in compromise, Payment Plans, Collection Appeals, and various other relief options.
For a Tax professional that will negotiate in their clients best interest. Call for a free consultation (800)-991-3242 or request more information at Platinum Tax Defenders

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