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Share Article, a United States instant criminal background check provider today announced modern uses of instant criminal checks and their immediate impact on background screening methodology.

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RSS, a United States instant criminal background check provider today announced modern uses of instant criminal checks and their immediate impact on background screening methodology. offers:

  •     Instant statewide and national criminal background checks
  •     County criminal background checks
  •     Federal background checks
  •     Social security number and address history traces
  •     Sex offender, most wanted and terrorist background checks
  •     Employment background checks and tenant background checks

Background screening has changed dramatically in the 21st century. Thanks in large part to the Internet, the availability and accessibility of various background screening reports has continued to improve. Providers offer a broad range of information, such as criminal records, quickly and for a reasonable price.

In years past background checks were primarily conducted as a part of a pre-employment process. Eighty percent of all American companies conduct background checks on new hires and a growing number of businesses conduct post-hire employment screening on an annualized basis. But background screening is no longer found just in the realm of corporate America. It's for everyone.

The modern use of background screening has broadened to include a wider number and type of employee.

  •     Nannies have long been a part of daily life in certain segments of the population. However, the use of in-home nannies continues to become a staple of the middle class. Dual income households rely on child care professionals to watch over their children and are invaluable to a household as they provide continued enrichment to a child's life. In order to create a safe and secure environment, nanny background checks have become an integral part of the hiring process. They are, after all, engaged with your child from a position of authority in an unsupervised environment.
  •     Institutional caregivers must go through a vigorous hiring process. Yet, as the population transforms and lifestyles evolve, the environment one provides care in changes as well. In-home care giving has become gradually more popular. As issues with caregivers conducting illegal activities appear in the headlines almost every day, the need for background checks that include a thorough criminal record review becomes urgent. With the growth of quick, effective, online accessible background checks individuals that should not be involved in care giving will cease to have easy access to those potentially at risk.
  •     Contractors provide a variety of services, but how many receive a background check before they start work at ones home? More importantly, how many owners request a background check on individuals they allow to work in and around their home? Very few. The belief that an individual hired from a reputable company does not have the inclination to engage in suspicious behavior is rapidly changing. Owners are beginning to treat contractors as employees, in a broader sense, one that utilizes criminal background checks.
  •     Volunteers play a critical role in everyday life. They interact with children and other at-risk populations. But the percentage of volunteers that go through background screening remains remarkably low. Protecting those at risk should be the first priority of any organization. Even though volunteering is a proud and worthy avocation, it does not mean all volunteers seek the same results.

Background screening will continue to evolve. With the advent of the internet, ease of access and low cost background checks, understanding the past of those hired as nannies, caregivers, contractors or volunteers will greatly assist in creating a safe environment.

As the perception of what an employee is changes, the scope of who utilizes background checks changes as well. Background screening is a key procedure in creating a safe environment and thanks to modern innovation it is easier than ever to conduct.

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