How To Get That Job by Running Your Own Criminal Background Check

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A study released today by IntegraScan proves that job seekers who submit their own criminal background check along with their resume have a much higher probability of getting an interview.

IntegraScan, a national criminal background check leader released the results of an internal study today. The results of the study prove to be a powerful resource of immense benefit to job seekers.

In the current economy, job seekers are subjected to a more competitive environment than ever before. More candidates are applying for the same job; therefore, it behooves any job seeker to locate tools that ensure their resume resonates with an employer on numerous levels.

Job candidates have long been subjected to criminal background checks during the hiring process. For employers, conducting a criminal background check makes obvious sense, as it helps ensure that the company is not subjected to untoward security risks. In fact, combined with credit checks, criminal background records constitute some of the most powerful tools in the hands of hirers.

However, a criminal background check also represents a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a job seeker. IntegraScan conducted an internal study where they gave 200 job seekers free background checks for submission to employers along with their resume.

The results were astonishing. 73% of the participants were contacted for an interview. Numerous employers commented to the job seekers that they were extremely impressed with the submission of a background check along with their resume.

R. Edward Vernon, the Vice President of IntegraScan commented that following this procedure offers numerous benefits for job seekers. For instance, by providing the criminal background check to the employer, the applicant is able to streamline the hiring process and save the employer valuable time and money. In addition, by providing such information upfront, the job applicant stands out from the crowd in a way that no employer can overlook. Even if the applicant has a criminal past, by being upfront with the employer it shows humility and remorse for their previous actions. It allows the job seeker to submit an explanation of the record instead of the employer finding it through their own internal procedures. Following this process ensures that the job applicant eschews honesty and integrity – two qualities in extreme demand with today's employers.

The time savings and monetary savings offered by this method, job seekers are able to simplify the hiring process for both themselves and the prospective employer. With simplification comes reduced stress, greater productivity and better profitability for the company. Any employer can appreciate these qualities within an applicant's efforts.

In addition to giving free background checks to job seekers IntegraScan also polled 100 Human Resource managers with questions about this technique. The questions were:

1. If an applicant submitted their own background check along with their resume how likely are they to stand out from the crowd?
76 voted "Very Likely"
15 voted "Somewhat Likely"
9 voted "Not Very Likely"

2. Is a candidate who submits their own background check more likely to get an interview than one who did not?
61 voted "Very Likely"
27 voted "Somewhat Likely"
12 voted "Not Very Likely"

3. If a candidate is up front and honest about their criminal record how much more likely are they to get an interview than someone who isn't?
92 voted "Much More Likely"
8 voted "Somewhat More Likely"
0 voted "Not Very Likely"

About IntegraScan:
IntegraScan is a leading provider of background check and criminal records services in the US. Currently, they offer a number of innovative programs to help benefit consumers in the nation, including ongoing initiatives to increase public awareness, and they are committed to ensuring vital information dissemination to those in need. Background Checks can be run through the website or you can visit the IntegraScan blog.


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