UAE Based National Center for Meteorology and Seismology Leverages CrossTec Remote Control for High Resolution Monitoring of Remote Seismic and Meteorological Hosts

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CrossTec Corporation’s Remote Control desktop management software caters to the specialized needs of the National Center for Meteorology and Seismology by providing a high performance remote management tool capable of real-time monitoring and management of devices, regardless of platform or geographic location. CrossTec Remote Control is a comprehensive multi-platform desktop management tool with support for Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, CE, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile devices.

CrossTec Remote Control
Remote Control is used in controlling our Windows based Seismic remote Servers and Clients over the internet, which facilitates the access to these hosts for our mobile users as well as the support team overseas in Canada

CrossTec Corporation’s Remote Control desktop management software caters to the specialized needs of the National Center for Meteorology and Seismology by providing an instant and secure high resolution connection to remote hosts around the world. CrossTec’s international reseller Akeydor Limited originally introduced NCMS to CrossTec Remote Control in 2009. Since then, NCMS has been utilizing Remote Control to facilitate data capture across a variety of remote Windows and Ubuntu Linux hosts.

The NCMS has a number of remote Seismic servers and clients to study earthquakes and seismic waves that move through and around the earth. “Remote Control is used in controlling our Windows based Seismic remote Servers and Clients over the internet, which facilitates the access to these hosts for our mobile users as well as the support team overseas in Canada,” says Mohammed Shamsan, Network Specialist at NCMS. The seismic remote servers acquire data from remote seismic stations as well as distribute data to users. The ability to remotely manage their seismic stations with CrossTec Remote Control enables them to provide real-time access to information on seismic activity.

Before using CrossTec Remote Control, NCMS had to physically travel to the remote host due to the poor connectivity and performance offered by inferior solutions. “We’ve tried other solutions over low bandwidth, which made it very difficult, sometimes impossible to control a remote host. Since we started using Remote Control, we are able to access our remote hosts faster over low bandwidth, and we are getting a higher resolution than the previous software we had,” says Shamsan.

NCMS also uses CrossTec Remote Control to manage and control meteorology and weather radar hosts on remote sites overseas through CrossTec Remote Control’s secure, stable, and fast Internet Gateway. Many competing products rely on the use of third party servers to transmit data which can reduce both the performance and security of the information. “Remote Control gives us a high-resolution view of the remote host, which is a view very similar to the images and maps you would see while physically in front of the host,” says Shamsan. “This is very crucial to NCMS because the Meteorologist gives weather forecasts based on clear colored maps and images.”

CrossTec Remote Control is being utilized in a more conventional format by NCMS’s help desk team to fix user problems without having to physically travel to the users’ devices, saving the NCMS valuable time and money. They also use Remote Control to manage and support their Linux and Windows based servers providing them instant and stable access, making server management much easier and optimizing the efficiency of their infrastructure.

The CrossTec Remote Control feature set is applicable in many different ways across a number of industries. NCMS chose to implement Remote Control because of its faster capabilities on low bandwidth, higher resolution of remote hosts, support for Linux and Windows, and its ability to connect to a remote host that is not logged in. Although this example of using CrossTec Remote Control in NCMS is a very unique way to utilize the features, the software is flexible and can be implemented in any corporation, organization, government agency, or educational institution. It has become a crucial asset to organizations in the financial services industry, as a means of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Remote ATM maintenance is an increasing trend that has drastically changed how business is conducted in the industry. CrossTec Remote Control drastically reduces downtime for the machines and increases the availability of ATM support teams, contributing to a high level of customer satisfaction. Also contributing to customer satisfaction is the assurance that all data activity occurs over a protected gateway. As with many organizations, financial service companies rely heavily on the security of their customers’ confidential information.

CrossTec Corporation and Akeydor Limited take security and data protection very seriously. CrossTec Remote Control offers comprehensive security features, from simple password protection, integration with NT security, Active Directory, and 256 bit AES encryption. Remote Control sessions can also be recorded and replayed for audit purposes. IT Directors can implement custom security profiles to ensure data protection and security of highly confidential and sensitive information within the organization. CrossTec’s Secure Gateway offers a fast and secure method to manage devices across multiple networks, or which would normally be hidden behind a firewall.

For more information about CrossTec Remote Control or to download a free 30-day evaluation, please visit the CrossTec Website. If you are interested in attending an informational webinar, please visit the CrossTec Events Page or contact webinars(at)crosstecsoftware(dot)com for more information.

About CrossTec Corporation:

CrossTec Corporation, headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, has been a leading provider of software solutions that simplify network and classroom management since 1996. CrossTec's mission is to empower teachers and IT managers by offering a combination of education and enterprise-tested products, substantial feature sets, superior value, and unparalleled customer service. For more information on CrossTec Corporation or the CrossTec family of products, please visit CrossTec has distribution partners across the world for their vast array of software solutions. If you are interested in finding out how your organization can become part of CrossTec’s distribution network, please contact info(at)crosstecsoftware(dot)com.

About Akeydor Limited

Akeydor implements business software solutions for the Remote Support and Management of desktops, servers and mobile devices in several operating systems today and within a variety of different environments. Akeydor's expertise in providing secure and flexible software programs to enable the management of a variety of systems puts us in the niche of Secure Remote Support, Management and Help Desk of all your systems today.

Akeydor has a strategic distribution agreement with CrossTec Corporation, servicing CrossTec’s Remote Control, Asset Management, Help Desk and Education Software in the UK, UAE, Asia, and the Middle East. Akeydor’s mission is to enable organizations to operate efficiently and securely in today's multi-platform and complex IT environments. Akeydor is a privately held company established in 2007 and operates internationally according to its original act of establishment statute of 9/2007.

About The National Center of Meteorology & Seismology:

National Center of Meteorology & Seismology in the UAE is engaged in the study of a broad range of atmospheric phenomena and processes, using methods ranging from mathematical analysis to field experimentation. Research projects range in size from small studies involving individual scientists to national and international programs involving teams of scientists.

The Center is concerned with:

  •     Synoptic Meteorology: This deals with the analysis and prediction of weather systems, such as cyclones and their associated fronts and jet streams.
  •     Mesoscale Metrology: Many of the weather phenomena that most directly impact human activity occur on mesoscale. Examples of mesoscale phenomena include thunderstorms, gap winds, down slope windstorms, land-sea breezes, and squall lines.
  •     Atmospheric Dynamics: Atmospheric dynamics involves observational and theoretical analysis of all motion systems of meteorological significance, including such diverse phenomena as thunderstorms, tropical storms, jet streams, and global-scale circulations.
  •     Atmospheric Chemistry: The atmosphere is chemically complex and evolving due to natural events, biological and anthropogenic activities.
  •     Boundary Layer Research: The structure and dynamics of the lowest layer of the atmosphere which comprises the planetary boundary layer are of vital importance for the understanding of weather and climate.
  •     Cloud Dynamics, Precipitation Processes and Storms: These studies are concerned with the organisation of air motions and precipitation processes in all types of clouds, such as convection over the mountain ranges.
  •     Cloud and Aerosol Research: The atmospheric aerosol and trace gas studies are concerned with the origins of various particles and gases in the air and their effects on the atmosphere locally.

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