CruiseLineFans Name this Years Top 5 Most Dangerous Cruise Destinations

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CruiseLineFans warn members of the top 5 most dangerous cruise destinations and advise on steps to take to avoid potential dangers when travelling to exotic destinations.

modern cruise itineraries offer access to some of the world’s most exotic and exciting locations and the cruise industry as a whole needs to ensure that its passengers are well informed about any potential dangers.

Now that Cruise lines of all types and sizes enable passengers to visit exotic destinations very easily, hordes of American and European tourists visiting foreign countries presents several security concerns. CruiseLineFans wants members to have all the information available to them in order that they avoid the possible pitfalls and dangers involved in world travel. Here's a short list of the ports in which to take extra care and caution:

1. Antigua: Anitgua has seen a large number of violent crimes committed against cruise passengers and tourists. The most recent of which is the death of Nina Elisabeth Nillsen, murdered during a shore excursion while on a wedding cruise aboard Star Clipper's Royal Clipper. This has been the fourth tourist murdered on Antigua in in two years. Star Clipper has stopped all calls on Antigua, as well as Carnival Cruises, but no other line or ship has modified or cancelled an Antigua disembarkation. Island officials are working hard to install secrurity cameras and increase police presence.

2. Jamaica: While nearby to the US and an extremely popular tourist destination, Jamaica remains a developing nation and is subject to violent crime within its most impoverished areas, as well as in Montego Bay and Kingston. Tourist and cruise passengers should avoid walking alone, avoid high crime areas and use extra care after dark. In recent years, Carnival Cruise passengers on a since-cancelled, cruise line sponsored shore excursion visiting Lethe, Hanover plantations were robbed at gunpoint. Other passengers report heavy pressure from local street vendors to purchase goods and in some cases, to purchase illegal drugs including marijuana. No matter what anyone has told you, marijuana and all other drugs are illegal and penalties for purchase, use or possession can be severe.

3. Brazil: Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian ports of call allow cruise passengers to experience South American culture at its finest. However, petty crime, including pick-pocketing, remains a constant concern for the dozens of tourist police now stationed throughout the city. If you want to see the city, this may be a time in which you select to choose an organized ship tour. Violent crime does not appear as dire an issue in Brazil and its wonderful cities and ports, as it does in the Caribbean. Keep in mind that all US visitors to Brazil will need to get a visa before your cruise.

4. Nassau: Nassau, Bahamas has also seen its share of violent crime against tourist, vacationers, and cruise passengers in the last two years. In the last two months of 2009, 29 cruise passengers, in total, were robbed at gunpoint while on cruise line sponsored shore excursions. Bahamanian officials are working hard with cruise lines and local organizations to secure the port terminal and reduce the amount of violent crime, overall. Neither the U.S. Department of State nor the U.K. Foreign & Commonwealth Office issues any sort of warnings against travel to this region, but we urge you to continue to use common sense, stay with a larger group, leave your valuables at home or on the ship and be aware of your surroundings.

5. Cruise Ship: Cruise ships are the vessels which deliver passengers wonderful vacation experiences, as well as exotic destinations. Its always important to remember that these ships can pose safety threats to those not paying close attention to their surroundings. Pay attention at the muster drill: it just might save your life or the the life of a loved one. Leave your truly valuable possessions at home. Don't leave your drink unattended. (Sexual crimes are still the most prevalent crime committed aboard a cruise ship.) Don't lean over the railings; they're there for a reason. Most passengers or crew who fall overboard are never recovered. Cruise ships are small cities and have all types of people from all walks of life; be considerate of others and walk away from any disagreements or fights. Don't invite people you don't know into your room and refrain from giving out personal information to strangers.

Cruise vacations are supposed to be relaxing, enjoyable experiences surrounded by friends and family. Crime and violence is a fact of life in every city in the United States and abroad and it also rears its ugly head in the exotic destinations cruise ships visit regularly. The Staff at CruiseLineFans urges you not to re-think taking that cruise to the Bahamas Jamaica, Antigua or Brazil, but simply asks that you use common sense, pay attention to your surroundings, leave your valuables on board ship, and be aware at all times.

Alex Saint, CEO of Cruiselinefans commented, “Modern cruise itineraries offer access to some of the world’s most exotic and exciting locations and the cruise industry as a whole needs to ensure that its passengers are well informed about any potential dangers. The community at keeps a close eye on most security concerns and is a great source of tips and recommendations about how to stay out of trouble on your cruise.”

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