cumulusIQ Introduces an "SAP Helpdesk in the Cloud"

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KaaS HelpDesk Excellerator™ delivers anytime, on-demand SAP technical support from the ERP Consulting Exchange for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated helpdesk

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SAP Helpdesk in the Cloud

In partnership with the ERP Consulting Exchange, cumulusIQ -- a leading provider of on-demand business solutions to the enterprise -- today announced KaaS HelpDesk Excellerator™, an "SAP Helpdesk in the Cloud". This "SAP Helpdesk in the Cloud" is based on the cumulusIQ Knowledge as a Service℠ (KaaS) model of providing on-demand business solutions to the enterprise.

KaaS HelpDesk Excellerator™ is designed to answer 80% of SAP helpdesk questions at 20 percent of the cost of a dedicated helpdesk. The initial rollout will provide 25 corporate customers on-demand technical support using SAP subject matter experts from the ERP Consulting Exchange.

"In a typical arrangement you sign a contract to receive help from a dedicate resource hardwired to your account during certain hours," stated Monty Kalsi, cumulusIQ's founder and CEO. "That dedicated resource is expensive and inherently non-scalable since normally there would only be one person helping you at any one time. In our model, consultants are cloud-based, meaning they are available to engage over the Internet as needed wherever demand happens to be. So instead of just one, you may have 20 people looking at your SAP issues anytime day or night. Answers can therefore be of higher quality, more timely and less expensive to obtain."

Helpdesk resources -- the consultants answering clients' questions -- will be provided by cumulusIQ's partner, the ERP Consulting Exchange (ECX). The ECX is a global community of ERP market players, offering services tailored for ERP users, technology providers and consultants.

One such service is Herbert's Team, an elite group of SAP consultants led by ECX founder and CEO Herbert Goertz. Team members are especially qualified, equipped and motivated to engage in cloud-based consulting projects whether as individuals or in groups. Goertz himself comes especially qualified to this role, having spent more than 20 years setting up the initial "beachhead" SAP consulting practices in North America, Latin America and China.

"We are very excited to be working with ERP Consulting Exchange," stated Kalsi. "Having someone of Herbert's stature on-board goes a long way to ensure that cumulusIQ clients receive the highest level of quality and service."

"We are thrilled to have cumulusIQ as a customer," said Goertz. Knowledge as a Service℠ is very compatible with Resources as a Service (RaaS), the ERP Consulting Exchange concept for delivering consulting resources from the cloud. In many cases, consultants are more productive working off-site in their own environments without distraction, delays or expense of physically traveling to the client site. Our mission is to bring the same quality and professionalism to the virtual consulting model that clients would expect in traditional consulting -- and cumulusIQ offers an excellent opportunity to do that."

25-Customer Rollout

We will roll out KaaS HelpDesk Excellerator to an initial 25 customers, stated Kalsi. "By introducing the service in a controlled manner we can better evaluate its effectiveness and make adjustments." Customers involved in the rollout should see several benefits, Kalsi said, including:

  •      Reduced cycle times for support issues
  •      Greater SAP knowledge and capability within companies
  •      Increased satisfaction among SAP Users
  •      More flexible and scalable access to consulting resources
  •      Maximum return on their SAP/ERP investments

Customers will subscribe to the service much as they would a Netflix or Vonage and can scale it up or turn it off at any time. They access a customized online help area where they can ask questions, receive expert answers in real time and even download multimedia training materials that walk them through specific SAP help issues.

About cumulusIQ
cumulusIQ is an on-demand knowledge marketplace offering helpdesk services, training and technology solutions from subject matter experts in a huge variety of formats including video, text, code, FAQs, images, scripts, presentations, whitepapers, dashboards and more. Sources include consulting companies, system integrators, individual consultants, architects, engineers, project/program managers, analysts, academicians, end-users and developers. Founded in 2007, cumulusIQ operates a "cloud-based" model called KaaS (Knowledge as a Service℠), a 24/7 on-demand scalable alternative to traditional resource-constrained knowledge delivery methods. For more information, please visit cumulusIQ or follow us on Twitter.

About the ERP Consulting Exchange (ECX)
Founded in 2007, the ERP Consulting Exchange (formerly the SAP Consulting Exchange) is a one-stop resource for customers and consultants in the ERP marketplace offering solutions that enhance both the quality of consultant's work and the consultant's quality of work-life. The ECX is a pioneer in the application of RaaS (Resources as a Service). RaaS enables ERP users to tailor and engage the right mix and the right amount of cloud-based consulting talent wherever and whenever needed virtually without the delays and expense of consulting onsite. For more information, please visit


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