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Selling a highly customized truck or car can often take many months, or longer, to find the right buyer. During these tough economic times when many are hurting for cash, an owner’s choice to trade a vehicle as opposed to waiting for the perfect buyer has become the favorite method of’s custom car owners., the leading online custom auto classified site, continues to expand its categories of custom cars. It now has 32 categories including muscle cars, hot rods, racecars, and classic car classifieds. However, the traditional custom car sections such as lifted trucks, show trucks, and full size truck classifieds continue to generate the most sales and trades. Users have averaged over 1200 transactions in both trades and sales each per month. Trucks, of every kind including semis, duallys, work trucks, classic trucks, classic cars, have been exchange for dirt bikes, ATVs, street bikes, daily drivers, and project cars of every description. And, yes, in one instance, a lawn mower.        

With unemployment sweeping the country, people still need to get to work, to haul tools, and to cart the family around. Many owners, who have had the luxury of garaging a show truck and only pulling it out to show, now need a daily driver. A custom truck or show car can take months to sell. A trade often solves the immediate transportation problem quickly. Owners with a fully modified vehicle often need to trade down, if they are looking for a new project or a daily driver. Cash is often included in the deal to bridge value gaps. In one instance, a landscaper decided to take an expensive mower he needed for his business in a trade. He was able to make an investment without dipping into his cash flow. A true win-win scenario. is the only auto classifieds site that allows sellers to indicate they accept trades. Users have the option of listing the vehicle “For Sale” only or to indicate that they are open for a “Possible Trade.” Mautofied also allows buyers to designate the terms of a trade when they make an offer on another vehicle through the sites exclusive offer system. Increasing communication drives more specific offers.    

Why would a seller want to trade a custom truck or lifted truck?

  •     Because of modifications only a specialized buyer would be interested and the owner needs a daily driver now.
  •     A trade allows a seller to get value for parts and accessories to add value for a trade.
  •     A trade down allows owners to acquire a project car and some cash to build another show car.
  •     Trades allow a small business person to conserve cash by leveraging what he or she has on hand.

Some of our most active traders have compiled sure-fire trading tips in the form of trading best practices:

INTERACTION: It’s important to establish personal contact, such as a phone call, with trading partner as soon as possible so you know you’re dealing with a real person. Next, follow up through email. An authentic trading partner will not give you vague answers, but will talk specifically about what they want to deal for. Stay away from anyone who wants to send more money than the transaction requires.

RESEARCH: Get the VIN and do a CARFAX.

PICTURES: Always ask for recent photos. If they send pictures or a link, that will work, but ask for brand new pictures. Ask them to put a colored piece of paper on the vehicle with that days date and snap a photo of it.

DISCLOSURE: Always ask: Are you the owner? Is the title clear? People like to trade around a car and will not bother with registering it. When someone has a vehicle for only a few days they have a reason to get rid of it. Ask them to disclose everything. If they hesitate, move on. A buyer has to take responsibility to check out everything. Once you "receive" the vehicle and sign the dotted line, it’s yours.

INSPECT THE VEHICLE. Take a good look at the vehicle in a well lit area. Look down the sides for any hidden dents and uneven body lines. Pop the hood and the trunk. Open all doors. Close everything and repeat the process. Roll all the windows up and down and the make sure the locks function. Inspect underneath for leaks or build up. Pull the oil and the tranny dipsticks. Check the radiator fluid. Don’t let a clean engine fool you.

SYSTEMATIC TEST: Crank the engine a couple times. Turn the AC to full blast, and let the car idle and get up to operating temperature. Turn the steering wheel fully in both directions to hear for noises. Turn on all the lights and the emergency flashers. Check the warning lights. Make sure the vehicle is not overheating.

DRIVEABILITY TEST: How does the transmission shift from park, to reverse, to park, to drive. If it’s a manual, push it through all the gears while holding the clutch down. Make sure its shifts smoothly. Make sure the vehicle gets up to speed fine and slows down fine. Stretch it out some in all the gears. Shift through all the gears swiftly. In most cases synchronizers may not show their problems until you try to shift swiftly. Drive down a quiet street with the windows down and listen for noises. Apply the brakes. Check for vibrations. Try all of these patterns in reverse.

If you observe common sense in making a sale or trade, can become your partner in getting the custom truck or custom car of your dreams. For more information go to sell my custom auto. - The #1 Custom Auto Classifieds on the web

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