Dallas Pastor Ed Young Warns Against Waning Intimacy

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The Huffington Post claims, in a new report, that mobile communication technology has led to a decline in intimacy—a finding that has won the attention of Dallas pastor Ed Young.

Digital technology has transformed everyday life in numerous ways. The way people shop, the way people learn, and the way people do business have all changed dramatically, thanks to the advent of the Internet and mobile devices. Perhaps no single facet of human life has changed quite as much as communication. Smartphones, text messaging, and e-mail have all revolutionized the way people talk with one another. According to a recent article in The Huffington Post, though, not all of these changes to communication have been positive. The article claims that as technology has flourished, intimacy has declined—a finding that has drawn comment from Dallas pastor Ed Young.

The central argument of The Huffington Post article is that digital technology has made it so effortless and convenient to send a quick e-mail or text message, actual face-to-face interaction is growing less prevalent, even less desirable. As a consequence, human warmth and intimacy have become endangered.

Dallas pastor and author Ed Young has long taught on the topics of intimacy, communication, marriage, and relationships. In fact, his most recent book, Sexperiment, highlights the ways in which intimacy is integral to marital happiness. Young has responded to The Huffington Post article with a statement to the press.

“Our society is characterized by instant gratification,” observes Ed Young in his press statement. “Today's world is driven by technology and too many couples do not truly connect with one another. To create a successful marriage, a couple must create a strong sense of intimacy. While it is a shame that the great innovations of today's society have compromised the strength of some of our personal relationships, this article has provided readers with some wonderful insight into reconnecting with people on a more personal level.”

Likewise, Ed Young’s Sexperiment provides tips for those seeking to connect on a more personal level. Specifically, the book addresses Christian married couples, challenging them to have sex together every day for a full week, and to see how their married life improves as a result of the regular intimacy. The author offers many practical tips for couples seeking to make their romantic life a higher priority.

Sexperiment also explains the myriad benefits that married couples receive when they enjoy regular sexual intimacy. Ed Young contends that while sex is not the only important part of a marriage, it is a key building block for long-term marital happiness. He also argues that regular sex leads to more rigorous standards of purity, heightened levels of communication, and greater unity as a couple.


The founding pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, Ed Young is the author of more than a dozen books. His latest work, written with his wife, Lisa, is Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse. In addition to preaching about the importance of a healthy sexual relationship within a marriage, Ed Young is known for his insight into topics pertaining to families and parenting, as well as other practical concerns.

To learn more about Ed Young, visit http://www.facebook.com/pastor.ed.young.

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