Fashion’s Top Brand Gurus Intro Stinson R. Ely; Men’s Most Buzzed-About New Label Weds Daring Flamboyance to Understated Minimalism

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Daringly adventurous designs, bold coloring and avant garde silhouettes signature launch of ultra-luxe men’s collection by fashion’s top brand imaging gurus. Risk-assertive collection contradicts all trends, revives long absent, ‘30s and ‘40s movie star fashion icons, boasts American hand-craftsmanship, exotic fabrics and stratospheric prices.

Andy Stinson, luxe fashion’s longtime branding whiz and co-founder of Stinson/R. Ely & Partners -- the brand imaging, design and publicity firm he co-helmed for 22-years ago with partner, Robbi Ely -- today announced launching Stinson R. Ely, their eponymously named menswear label.

Bereft of basics, it is a dandies collection, exclusively. Unarguably, it promises to be luxe fashion’s most buzzed-about new men’s label.

Throughout, It is resolutely modern and visually dramatic, a salute to the seamless melding of what otherwise would be contradictory design talents between the dashing Stinson and Ely’s understated minimalism.

A narrowly defined collection, it woos a risk-assertive sartorialist, a man who effortlessly marries elegance and modernism with daring, yet sophisticated, flamboyance.

No shrinking violet, its designs, coloring and silhouettes contradict all current menswear fashion trends. Radically avant garde, it dares to take risk at every corner.

Therein its dandy’s appeal.

That it "dares to take risk" is an au contraire description considering it’s designs are minimalistic simple and void of extraneous detail. Motifs are simple, timeless classics. Its palette, for the most part, shaved to just two colors.

Despite its simplicity, its sledge hammer wallop and dandy’s pedigree are won from a few sleight-of-hand design tricks that magically transform minimalist simplicity into daringly adventurous. The unexpected surprise of Spring patterns are transported to Fall-Winter, then powerfully executed in bold, over-sized motifs.

Vibrant colors – juggled in visually dramatic combinations – pit neutrals against the surprise of Spring’s jewel tone brights, role-reversed and unexpectedly used for Fall-Winter. Its seldom seen silhouettes – all classics resurrected from the ‘30s, and ‘40s – have been absent from contemporary fashion’s dialog for decades.

Proving the cliche that it takes-one-to-know-one, no better a dandy’s designer than a dandy. A widely renowned dandy and, with partner Ely, one of the most prolific image makers in the fashion business, Stinson’s own design reputation is for juxtaposing flamboyant design twists atop classic fashion themes.

Completed before her passing, 18-months ago, Stinson R. Ely pays tribute to the design genius of Robbi Ely, an ardent minimalist who time-and-again proved the most visually dramatic designs are those reduced to their simplest elements.

Despite their freshman status, Stinson and Ely rank veteran designers and boast an enviable list of superstar clients. Over their firm’s 22-year tenure, they co-designed the press collections for a bevy of top American and British luxury labels.

Four times a year, Stinson and Ely re-designed the seasonal lines for as many as 10 clients, transforming otherwise ho-hum collections created to be commercially successful into ultra hip "looks" with trend-setting attitude and the edgy, "fashionista appeal" demanded by fashion editors.

Shrewd marketers with a hi-octane design flair and an uncanny grasp of the luxury market, their Stinson/R. Ely & Partners championed American and British brands throughout its 22-years, successfully transforming once-obscure, Anglo-Americana labels into global brands with powerhouse reputations, from Martin Dingman, Pantherella and Cole-Haan to Robert Talbott and Audrey Talbott, Tommy Hilfiger, Traflagar-Ghurka, Lochcarron of Scotland, and others.

Using bright colors and exotic fabrics to interpret their modern take on traditional classics, Stinson turned to Rochester, New York’s Adrian Jules to hand-make its dress slacks, then tapped Carrot-Gibbs Bespoke for hand-crafted neck wear and pocket squares. Mel Gambert Bespoke is crafting dress and formal shirts while New York’s British Apparel Collection is creating its hosiery. Lochcarron of Scotland is weaving its Tartans and richly textured flannels.

Although Stinson declined to disclose retail prices, industry insiders predict a RTW collection trafficking at nosebleed prices with barely a handful of rivals and a sliver thin niche of superstar retailers that, beyond Neiman Marcus, Saks, and New York’s Bergdorf Goodman, counts less than 100 stores, nationwide. Thanks to its artisan hand-make and exotic fabrics, pundits guesstimated dress slacks at $600 to $700, neck wear in the $150 range and pegged dress shirts at $240.

About Stinson R. Ely:
Born from the 22-year-old, Stinson/R. Ely & Partners, Inc. – the brand imaging, design and PR firm formed in 1988 by Andy Stinson and Robbi Ely -- the debut collection of their luxe menswear brand features neck wear and pocket squares, dress slacks, sport coats, hosiery and dress shirts.

Bereft of basics, it’s a dandy’s collection, exclusively, its designs inspired by the Duke of Windsor and popularized by Hollywood’s dashing, silver screen idols.

Stinson R. Ely -- along with its parent, Stinson/R. Ely & Partners – is headquartered in San Diego, California, at 8775 Aero Drive. Zip code is 92123. Website is Fall-Winter 2012 "look book" is available in print or PDF versions. Phone for Stinson/R. Ely & Partners corporate offices, Stinson R. Ely, or its co-designer, Andy Stinson, is 858-573-1698. Stinson R. Ely is a founding member of the Alliance of American Luxury Makers (ALM)

J. Andy Stinson, co-designer

Bobbi Koller, associate designer


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