C#.NET Community Can Now Leverage Objectivity’s Distributed Data Management and Object Persistence

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Objectivity/DB Release 10 Offers Several New Features for C# .NET and Java communities, and Ease of Administration

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Our new comprehensive support for the C# .Net and Java APIs enables developers using those advanced software engineering languages to have access to the full breadth of capabilities of Objectivity/DB.

As a market leader offering the most robust and flexible data management solutions, Objectivity, Inc., today announces the newest release of its high performance platform and enabling technology, Objectivity/DB® Release 10.0. This major release offers new and powerful features for the Microsoft C# .NET and Java developer communities, continued robust support for C++, Python and Smalltalk programmers, as well as many administrative tools enhancing ease of operation and deployment. Developers and administrators building and managing leading applications for the government, security and intelligence, embedded devices, complex manufacturing, commercial services, scientific and engineering markets will benefit from the enhanced Objectivity/DB feature set.

New and Improved Objectivity/DB Features and Capabilities

Objectivity/DB supports computing across vast distributed networks or can be embedded in stand-alone devices that simply must not fail. It enables persistent object management and virtually instantaneous traversal of complex, many-to-many relationships plus graphs, and much more. Objectivity/DB 10.0 supports the next level of scale, performance and innovation with a comprehensive suite of features for developers and administrators.

  • Complete C# language and .NET platform support for developers with complete interoperability with other Objectivity/DB supported languages (such as C++, Java, Python, Smalltalk). New features include:
  • C# Persistence Designer: This Visual Studio plug-in that allows developers to create a federated Objectivity/DB database and design a schema and data architecture using the same interface and controls they use to write code.
  • Support for LINQ (Language Integrated Query): Full support for a .NET query syntax like SQL significantly reduces barriers for C# developers in utilizing the object layer for several benefits, particularly object persistence and incredible performance gains.
  • .NET Configuration and Transaction support: Greater flexibility for developers.
  • New and improved Java features and performance gains for all language bindings, including C++, Python and Smalltalk:

Objectivity/DB 10 is improved, faster and more robust offering performance gains of up to 30% on the Java platform plus support for integrated development environments (IDEs) including Eclipse. Additionally, this new release enables multiple federated database access for Java as well as a “unified clustering strategy” for Java and other languages which anticipates tomorrow’s application performance needs.

  • Increased ease of administration, operation and deployment:

Objectivity/DB 10 provides robust query support and capabilities that significantly reduce development time. In addition, user-friendly performance analysis, upgrade support, database management, failover and disaster recovery tools, along with an improved debugging toolkit all combine to give IT units superior management of common administrative, operational and deployment tasks.

Company Leaders Highlight Benefits

“Our new comprehensive support for the C# .Net and Java APIs enables developers using those advanced software engineering languages to have access to the full breadth of capabilities of Objectivity/DB,” said Scott Miller, director, development and technical publications for Objectivity, Inc. “We solve problems that other traditional technologies simply cannot, including real-time analysis and decision support, traversal of complex relationships from virtually any number, size and types of data sources, scaling across distributed servers with little or no administrative overhead, and much more.” adds Miller.

“Objectivity/DB continues to evolve, support and anticipate the changing world of data management and system requirements enabling our customers to solve problems that other traditional technologies simply cannot,” states Jay Jarrell, president and CEO of Objectivity, Inc. “This latest release of Objectivity/DB gives C#, C++, Java and other developers direct access to objects, to solve their most demanding challenges. We look forward to continuing to help our customers innovate with confidence.”

Objectivity Delivers Much More

The Objectivity/DB platform enables Objectivity’s customers and their end-users to collect and process ever increasing quantities of data from a growing number of sources to understand complicated inter-relationships and quickly recognize patterns. This ability to transform small clues into major discoveries has significantly improved applications in markets including government data fusion and analysis systems, manufacturing process control, medical and telecommunications equipment, financial services and others. Objectivity/DB provides a reliable, virtually infinitely scalable data repository and data management layer enabling some of the most complex applications and systems used today. The Objectivity/DB platform is highly optimized for performance and throughput in systems that handle highly interconnected data. Objectivity/DB’s intrinsic benefits include scalability, performance, flexibility, interoperability, and reliability supporting organizations that need to process complex data, quickly and easily.

About Objectivity, Inc. – http://www.objectivity.com

Objectivity, Inc. is the leading provider of distributed, low latency data management solutions for some of the world’s most mission-critical applications. The company's flagship product, Objectivity/DB, is used by government, security, complex manufacturing, commercial services, science, and engineering organizations to increase speed, precision and productivity.

Objectivity remains on the cutting edge of innovation by working directly with clients to build customized programs, find solutions to complicated challenges and seamlessly integrate technology across multiple platforms and languages.

Objectivity, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA. Please contact us by visiting Objectivity.com or calling (408) 992-7100. A 60-day free trial of Objectivity/DB is available on the website, and Objectivity also provides free web-based Object Database Training Courses.

Note to editors: Objectivity/DB is a registered trademark of Objectivity, Inc. All other company, organization, product or alliance names mentioned herein remain the property of their respective owners.


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