Continuent Launches Tungsten Database Scale-out Stack

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New Open Source Project Uses Multiple Copies of Data to Scale-out Database Solutions for High Availability and Performance Boost

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For there to be increased adoption of open source databases at the enterprise application tier, a number of factors need to be addressed

Continuent, Inc. , a leading provider of commercial open source middleware solutions for database replication and scale-out, today launched its Tungsten scale-out stack. Continuent Tungsten™ is an open source stack for database scale-out via economical software and commodity hardware. It provides database replication, group communications wrappers, performance testing tools and shared infrastructure required to build workable scale-out solutions. Tungsten includes sophisticated cluster management, based on group communications. Continuent's Tungsten stack works with any database implementation, and is available in source and binary forms.

Continuent's Tungsten provides:

  •         Basic failure protection: maintain extra replicas in case the master database fails, with automatic master failover by promoting one of the slaves as a new master
  •     Performance: use database replicas to scale reads
  •     Cross-site clustering: maintain and replicate databases on multiple sites for disaster recovery
  •     Heterogeneous data integration: replicate from MySQL® to Oracle® and vice versa
  •     Populating a data warehouse: copy data from a production database into a replica for reporting purposes.

"The Tungsten stack is tremendously flexible," said Robert Hodges, CTO at Continuent. "Gaining benefits requires solving a number of difficult scale-out issues. There is no 'one-size fits all' solution to database scale-out. You need to be able to flexibly combine and extend technologies to create workable solutions."

An important principle of the Tungsten stack is that you can mix-and-match technologies as appropriate to any particular scale-out problem. For example, while proxying is critical for some applications, they are an unacceptable performance drag for others. Tungsten users can apply proxying or not to suit the problem at hand.

"For there to be increased adoption of open source databases at the enterprise application tier, a number of factors need to be addressed," stated Matt Aslett, analyst with The 451 Group, a technology industry analyst company focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation, in his report. "These include increased enterprise functionality, improved service and support offering, proof that performance fears are misplaced, increased resistance traditional database software licensing, and a move to web-based architecture for internal applications." (See Editor's Note below).

"Continuent Tungsten is a very important database extension as it allows open source databases to support business critical solutions and provides a performance boost," says Eero Teerikorpi, CEO of Continuent. "Tungsten enables customers to stay on Oracle database without using costly Enterprise licenses. Because Tungsten can replicate from MySQL to Oracle and vice versa, it opens new avenues for open source databases in the enterprise application mix."

The Tungsten stack is available at Continuent's community site,

To attend Continuent's live launch webcast on August 28, 2008 at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EDT, visit

About Continuent
Continuent is the ScaleOut company. Our solutions provide continuous high availability and incremental performance scaling using commodity hardware and databases. We provide continuous uptime so you can deliver business critical database applications with high data availability and accessibility.

Continuent's Tungsten stack provides a unique collection of technologies for database scale-out. The stack itself is open source. Tungsten is operating system independent and supports both commercial and open source databases including Oracle®, MySQL®, PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB™.

For more information about Continuent and our products, visit

Editor's Note: The 451 Group's report, "Turning the Tables? - The impact of open source on the enterprise database market" referenced above, is an independently-produced report that was neither sponsored by nor otherwise funded directly by Continuent. The report and its entire contents are the sole property of The 451 Group, copyright 2008, and are reproduced here by permission. The entire contents of this report are available at

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