39% of Male Sports Fans Would Turn Down Gorgeous Girl for Female Fan of their Team

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A survey conducted by dating advice site http://www.hogwild.net/ finds nearly 4 out of 10 male sports fans would say, "No thanks" to a gorgeous girl because they think it would be awesome to have a girlfriend who shares their sports interest. However, there are strings attached.

Dating Coach HogWild

Dating Coach HogWild

S In Milwaukee: "It'd be pretty sweet to both be crazy hyped up and anxious watching a playoff game and then at half-time sneak into the bedroom."

Comedian and Professional Dating Coach HogWild conducted a survey of male sports fans asking,

"All other things being equal, Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who is drop-dead gorgeous but is uninterested in your team or someone who is pretty and is a huge fan of your team?"

The results were:

61% of guys chose the drop-dead gorgeous woman. It is not surprising, that all other things being equal -- same intelligence, sweetness, etc. -- they chose the hotter girl, but consider this...

39%, nearly 4 out of 10, said "No thanks" to this gorgeous girl because they thought it would be awesome to have a girl who could share their sports interest.

Survey responses include:

E in Oregon: "I choose the pretty girl because having another huge fan around would be great. Plus, you won't get in trouble for watching the game."

S In Milwaukee: "It'd be pretty sweet to be crazy hyped up and anxious watching a playoff game and then at half-time sneak into the bedroom."

M in Belgium: "I need my alone time. She can like all the volleyball she wants, she's staying away from my basketball and football."

H in Boston: "I've never met a girl who could talk sports at any meaningful level but I have met lots of girls who act like they are big into sports, but aren't very knowledgeable, and that is a huge turn off."

J in Pittsburgh: "I say the pretty girl who likes my team because it's fun to go to games with a girl who knows her stuff."

J in Michigan: "If the sports girl is pretty, I don't need to marry a model and obviously I'll get along with her better."

J in Winnipeg: "I don't want to talk to my girl about sports. Especially if she's a hardcore fan, I don't wanna have to analyze players and hear her scream during games."

B in California: "I prefer the pretty one who likes sports. If she has that in common with me, no chance I pass that up. I'm not that shallow to go for a girl who isn't interested in one of the few things I truly care about in this world."

T in New York: "When women try to talk football and trash talk with the boys they sound silly. A lot of times they're just trying to fit in and you want to tell them to get a clue."

S in New York: "I think it's sexy when a girl knows football and can actually talk about it."

H in Connecticut: "I would prefer the pretty girl who is way into my teams. Besides, as you get older, the body goes to some extent."

HogWild agrees stating, "In a REAL relationship it has be about more than outer beauty. That's why I say I don't care how you look, as long as you can COOK! Because looks fade, but meatloaf is forever."

Dating Coach HogWild reached the following conclusions:

1 - Don't fake an interest in the guy's favorite team.

2 - As with anything else, don't be obnoxious.

3 - A sports guy needs his space and alone time just like most humans.

4 - If you are a pretty girl who happens to really like a certain team, definitely look to meet desirable guys who also like your team because 4 out of 10 of them see your love of their team as something that makes you more attractive to them.

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