Global Strategy Connections LTD Strikes deal with Wealth Insider Alliance

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Global Strategy Connections Ltd recently succeeded in negotiating a deal with Wealth Insider Alliance. They are a primary distributor of unusually successful Trading Strategies developed by Professional Traders using various methods. Actual trading portfolios and financial records are made available for accuracy. They will distribute the products worldwide.

A 53.2% annual return is enough to turn a $100,000 account into $843,905 in just 60 months

Global Strategy Connections Ltd is pleased to present to the world, information about the private trading strategies of the professional Day Trader Dr. Adrian Manz. He has agreed to share his own private Day Trading strategies he uses everyday for his primary income.
Wealth Insider Alliance has given Global Strategy Connections Ltd authority to send a prerelease announcement describing Dr. Manz’s Day Trading strategy that has provided him and his family with a very comfortable living for many years. Dr. Manz is a risk adverse trader who has been able to use his knowledge of psycology to judge with uncanny accuracy which direction large cap stocks are going to move the following day. He has done this consistently for many years. Please read the following message and click on one of the links below. This is a pre-release message.

Dr. Adrian Manz has discovered what he believes is the Holy Grail of day trading.

He’s identified about 10 proprietary patterns in trending stocks that let him predict, with uncanny accuracy, how these stocks will likely behave in the next day’s trading action.

Unlike most technical or purely mathematical approaches to trading, Adrian’s system is based on his work as a Ph.D. student in group psychology. Specifically, how groups respond to certain conditions in the stock market.

Click here to see Adrian Manz’s track record.

The Fine Art of Scalping

Adrian’s trading patterns or “setups” have been wowing traders for the past 14 years. He gives them easy-to-remember names based on baseball, such as Fast Ball, Infield Fly, Line Drive, 3-2 Pitch, Backdoor Slider, Switch Hitter, Double Header, and so on.

If one followed Adrian’s published trade recommendations in 2011, they could’ve posted 389 trades – roughly one per day, on average. Of these 389 trades, 216 were winners, 56 were losers and the others hit break-even.

Traders could’ve potentially grossed $53.22 per share over the course of the year, which works out to a 53.2% return on a $30K account trading 300 shares, not
including fees.

A 53.2% annual return is enough to turn a $100,000 account into $843,905 in just 60 months (before fees) – and into $7.1 million in just 10 years*.

A 53.2% annual return is enough to turn a $100,000 account into $843,905.52 in just 60 months – and into $7.1 million in just 10 years.

Check out Adrian’s track record here.

Global Strategy Connections Ltd is dedicated to providing companies and individuals with quality, reliable information, products and services. They have knowledgeable backgrounds in the types of businesses presented here. To begin, searches are made in a variety of ways, then research is done on the companies and products made available on this website. They develop a personal relationship with the companies to ensure the products and services live up to what they say and can be trusted. A lot of work (years) have gone into each company here and GSC believes they have some of the best companies in their field that can offer quality solutions to individuals and companies to increase profits, save money and become more efficient.
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