Stressed, Overweight Londoners Discover Deep Relaxation, Fight Cellulite with Novel Deep Oscillation Electrostatic Massage Therapy

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Stressed? Poor circulation? Cellulite? Recovering from cosmetic surgery? Wrinkles? No problem. A novel combination massage treatment aims to work on all these problems in ninety minutes. Although not a miracle, this treatment has proven to be very popular with women in London.

I typically sit in front of the computer for ten hours a day, so twice a week I really look forward to getting the circulation moving on my body while I fall asleep on the massage table. Georgios is very caring and the treatment is simply amazing.

Today’s women’s hectic yet sedentary lifestyle is a major cause of cellulite and stress-related conditions alike. Traditionally, treatments that fight cellulite tend to be uncomfortable, whist relaxation treatments have zero effects on cellulite. Now, a novel combination of electrostatic massage therapy and cellulite-specific massage available at a Knightsbridge specialist clinic, offer women that live in the capital the opportunity to reduce their cellulite and indulge in a deep relaxation treatment at the same time.

The new treatment developed by cellulite expert Georgios Tzenichristos is also offered at clients’ homes offering London’s hard-working women the opportunity to receive a detoxifying relaxation massage after a long day’s hard work at the comfort of their home.

Georgios, who has been specialising in cellulite reduction and relaxation treatments separately for the last 10 years, had the idea of developing the new treatment after some clients commented that they would welcome a cellulite reduction treatment at the same time as a relaxation treatment. Time is at a premium at the capital and of course there is always a limited budget for body treatments every month.

Deep oscillation massage, also known as electrostatic therapy massage, is a fairly new treatment to the UK, although it has been practised for more than two decades in Germany, where the therapy originates. Deep oscillation massage utilises an alternating electrostatic field which forms between therapist and client when they are both connected to the deep oscillation device and the therapist massages the patient through a pair of latex gloves. As the name suggests, the field oscillates skin, blood and lymph vessels at deep levels to provide a powerful lymphatic drainage and detoxification effect.

A welcome by-product of this electrostatic field oscillation is it’s pain-reducing, relaxation-facilitating effect, that can send a tired, stressful person to sleep. The frequency range of 70-130Hz has been used by physiotherapists for decades for pain reduction and relaxation. Despite the scary-sounding name, deep oscillation massage is very gentle and absolutely safe. So gentle it is that is even used on burn victims in hospitals to accelerate healing.

“Electrostatic massage is really effective in boosting detoxification, lymphatic drainage and relaxation, yet by itself it is not very effective for cellulite reduction”, states Georgios and goes on to explain: “Connective tissue deformity, skin looseness and localised adiposity are important cellulite factors that unfortunately deep oscillation cannot affect to any significant degree. That’s where Lipo Active Massage comes into play.”

Georgios has been perfecting Lipo Active Massage, his signature cellulite reduction technique for more than a decade and clients rave about it’s results, many visiting Georgios for a refresher course once a year before holidays. The combination of both techniques, augmented by Lipo Actives, Georgios' concentrated anti-cellulite cream, promises to tackle cellulite, stress, water retention and detoxification all in one convenient ninety-minute package.

“If cellulite reduction is your only concern, then the Lipo Active Massage on it’s own is the treatment of choice”, Georgios clarifies. “However, if stress reduction and relaxation is your main issue then I don’t see any reason why you should have a simple swedish massage that doesn’t really do much, when you can have both stress reduction and cellulite reduction at the same time with our combination treatment".

Anna, a 25-year old banker that lives and works in Canary Wharf, receives one of Georgios’ ninety-minute combination treatments twice a week. Despite her young age and slim physique, working for 12 hours a day at the bank seems to have taken a toll on the health and appearance of her legs - not to mention her stress levels and fatigue.

“I recommend this treatment to any woman who wants to get the circulation moving on her legs after a long, stressful day’s work. I typically sit in front of the computer for ten hours a day, so twice a week I really look forward to getting the circulation moving on my body while I fall asleep on the massage table. Georgios is very caring and professional and the treatment is simply amazing“, Anna extols.

After having heard Anna’s testimony, insomnia is one of the words that spring to mind. Can Georgios’ combination massage help with insomnia? “Definitely!” proclaims Georgios. “Due to it’s effect on the parasympathetic nervous system this treatment is ideal for stress reduction, deep relaxation and insomnia. I have even had some good results with depression and anxiety. Of course, this is not a panacea and we definitely do not make any claims whatsoever about treating any diseases, but a relaxing and caring massage offers much needed support to people that suffer from stress and exhaustion“.

Georgios recommends this treatment to anyone wanting to benefit from whole body skin firming, lymphatic drainage and deep relaxation. Recovery after all types of cosmetic surgery (liposuction, breast augmentation, face lifting etc.) is another application of Georgios’ combination massage, as is facial skin rejuvenation. “The combination of both the electrostatic and deep manual massage has a relaxing effect on the facial muscles, easing wrinkles and providing a much milder yet safer and more natural effect to that of botox, without the toxins and the expense. Boosting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage further improve the health and appearance of the facial skin, thereby freshening and plumping it up”, Georgios describes.

Although this treatment is not a miracle, it definitely makes many women happy, as evidenced by the full schedule and the levels of client loyalty at Georgios’ South Kensington clinic.

About the treatment:
Georgios' deep oscillation/cellulite massage treatments are available six days/week, 9am-8pm at 202 Walton Street, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 2JL, and also at clients homes in central London. For bookings and more info contact LipoTherapeia at 08000 758142 or visit

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