Dr. Kanani, Woodland Hills Dentist: Unhealthy Dental Trends May Lead to Damaged Teeth

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Just because something is fashionable, doesn't mean it is healthy. Woodland Hills dentist Dr. Kanani says that this rule applies to cosmetic dental work too, and outlines some not-so-healthy trends.

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Japan has made headlines by a recent dental trend: adding imperfections. In a craze that may go the way of China's custom of foot binding for women that was outlawed in 1912, Japanese dentists are being asked to create a “snaggletooth” look that's all the rage, according to MSN Now. Dr. Kaveh Kanani, a cosmetic dentist in Woodland Hills, says that these unnatural additions might be quite damaging to teeth, and may increase dental costs for patients wanting to explore similar trends in the United States.

Dental work is no less susceptible to fads than other medical practices. For example, the fluoride craze in the 1980's and 1990's led to a mentality that if 'some is good, more is better' that actually damaged people's teeth. NPR recently outlined a report showing that dental fluorosis, or white streaks on teeth due to too much fluoride, is evident in 2 out of every 5 teens. The EPA and the Department of Health and Human Services is now proposing to lower the amount of fluoride added to drinking water, so that Americans aren't given the brown teeth of severe fluorosis that occurs in some countries with naturally high levels of fluoride in the water.

The real problem of fluorosis, says Dr. Kanani, is more than just cosmetic. The Woodland Hills dentist
says that even though his office would be willing to do a Zoom! whitening treatment for brown teeth, which is much less expensive than most dental implant costs, the loss of tooth enamel is more concerning. Other than getting teeth capped, there's no real way of putting back the kind of protection that natural tooth enamel affords. Lack of enamel can cause other issues, such as tooth sensitivity, dents that can turn into cavities, and uneven edges that lead to chipped teeth. Any one of these things can eventually lead to serious tooth damage that may result in the need for invasive dental work.

However, says the dentist Woodland Hills, severe fluorosis would be nothing to the kind of dental implant cost required by the damage that can be incurred by the uneven or fanged “snaggletooth” look. Not only would there be wear and tear on the immediate teeth in the vicinity of the capped canines, but if the damage were extensive enough, some of the original teeth might gain fractures along with the trendy “tseuke-yaeba” look. The additional stress of extra bacteria might even build up to dental caries or cavities.

Again, some good things can be too much. World Dental says that the overuse of home-care whitening agents, or having tooth whitening done more than once per year, can actually damage teeth in more than just aesthetics. Possible issues can include similar symptoms to fluorosis, such as tooth sensitivity and enamel damage, as well as false signs of gingivitis. This is why it may be better to have even whitening procedures done in an office, says Dr. Kanani, so that a professional dentist can check out whether or not additional tooth damage has occurred.

Dr. Kaveh Kanani dentist Woodland Hills, was a biology graduate from CSU (California State University) that went on to New York University for his doctorate, and residency at Woodhall Hospital. After a series of Maxi courses, Dr. Kanani worked as an associate of southern California facilities such as the West Los Angeles Dental Health Institute and South Bay Dental. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), the only dental implant association recognized by the court system, awarded him an Associate Fellowship. He has been trained in several AAID MaxiCourses®, which can take up to 10 months to complete.

To learn more about this procedure and Dr. Kanani, visit woodlandhillsdentalspa.com, or call (818) 962-1141 to consult with Dr. Kanani, and find out dental implants cost through a complimentary consultation.

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