Dental Marketing Expert, Nitin Chhoda, Provides Practices with a Path to Profitability in 2012 With Instant Dental Newsletter

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In a bad economy, one of the first expenses that falls by the wayside is dental care. Even patients with good dental health plans fail to make appointments for regular cleanings and procedures. Dental marketing expert, Nitin Chhoda, shares his essential strategies, with an automated marketing platform called Instant Dental Newsletter. It is specially designed to help dentists increase their profitability in the new economy.

Instant Dental Newsletter

Sample of an Instant Dental Newsletter

Conducting business in a depressed economy can be difficult, but Chhoda says any dentist will see a definite upswing in their patient numbers with his simple, but often overlooked strategies.

“Owners of dental practices are struggling to market their services to a society that appreciates dental marketing when it is done well", said Chhoda. “How ironic is that? Dentists in today’s economy must demonstrate the importance of dental care, even when the consumer does not perceive a problem.”


Chhoda noted that one of the best assets a dentist can have is a clear and concise website. It should present clients with information about all the practice’s benefits, and make it as easy as possible for patients to contact the office and make appointments. Testimonials can persuade potential clients in favor of a specific practice and Chhoda says dentists shouldn’t hesitate to post video and audio testaments on the website, along with clips from speaking engagements in which they’ve participated.


There’s nothing that a patient dislikes more than to be kept waiting. It’s a clear sign that the dentist doesn’t respect them or their time. Dentists who cancel, reschedule and overbook appointments will quickly find themselves with an undesirable reputation. Chhoda says dentist should establish a fixed appointment schedule that allows sufficient time for each procedure, and begin and end each appointment on time.


When special instructions or follow up appointments are required, patients should always be provided with a copy of the information. They may not read it in the office, but they will at home. When referrals are needed, Chhoda says to provide them promptly and send detailed reports and documentation to the patient’s healthcare provider.


In poor economies, a lack of funds is the primary reason doctors neglect a dental marketing plan. Chhoda says package deals and payment plans are an essential part of doing business in 2012. Those who may not have considered procedures worth thousands of dollars will relent given the opportunity to make payments. Even patients who are well off will appreciate being able to manage their payments with greater flexibility.

Business cards and contacts

Many marketers have said business cards are passé, but Chhoda says they essential to establish a professional look and reputation. Quality business cards can be purchased at little cost to be distributed virtually anywhere. He also advises the use of a multi-option software system such as a dental newsletter to maintain contact with patients.

Conducting business in a depressed economy can be difficult, but Chhoda says any dentist will see a definite upswing in their patient numbers with his simple, but often overlooked strategies. His tips provide dentists with techniques that are easy to implement, cost effective and set practices on the path of profitability in 2012.

Chhoda’s office can be reached by phone at 201-535-4475. For more information, visit the website at


Nitin Chhoda is a licensed physical therapist, a doctor of physical therapy, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He’s the author of “Total Activation: The New 5 Step Fitness Mantra” and “Marketing for Physical Therapy Clinics.” He’s been featured in numerous industry magazines, major radio and broadcast media, and is the founder of Referral Ignition training systems, Private Practice Summit, the Private Practice Formula and the Private Practice Mastermind group. Chhoda speaks extensively throughout the U.S., Canada and Asia. He’s the creator of the Therapy Newsletter, along with Clinical Contact, a web-based service that boosts patient arrival rates.


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