Denver SEO - Search Engine Optimization at the Top (or Getting to Page 1 on Google), Several Case Studies

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US Web Central, also Called Denver SEO, Presents a "Family of Case Studies" Regarding Website Reconstruction and SEO Work for 3 Different Websites for 3 Different Companies, all Within One Extended Family. SEO is a Hot Topic These Days; it's all About Being #1 or Being on Page 1. This is the Information Age and This is About How to Get Noticed. ----US Web Central, Denver, Colorado, USA, 8/29/2009

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I felt like I needed to be running and I wasn't even walking

It's called SEO: Search Engine Optimization. From the perspective of US Web Central, a Denver SEO company, it's their Job to get you noticed; their mantra, their sacred mission to get you ranked higher. Or rather, to have your company be listed as high as possible in search engine listings. Becoming the #1 listing on Google in your keywords, is considered the Holy Grail; that lofty position from high on the mountaintop, looking down on the vast plain of the Internet's millions of other listings far below you, or getting onto Page 1. This is important, because people looking for what you do may only be interested in what they perceive to be the best, most popular or top listings. Being on Page 27 just doesn't inspire as much interest in you and what it is that you are trying to sell. And if being noticed and becoming #1 and on Page 1 interests you, please read on...

What does this mean? When you call up your browser, there are various search engine softwares that, for free, find and organize listings matching, as closely as possible, what you typed into your browser search box. After you press Go or Find or Search, or hit your return bar on your keyboard, these services try to find what it is their software believes you are trying to find, then lists it in order, from the highest match to the lowest.

When you run a business, you want people who use their computers to find goods and services to find you at the top of the list presented by their web browsers.

What are these free services?
Google and Yahoo are the reigning champions and there are hounds at their heels, for instance, Microsoft recently launched its own search engine: Bing. Okay, so why would any company down in the trenches, just going about their business, trying to stay alive in this economy, care about all of this?

Well, in this complex day and age, filled with so many diverse interests, it is easy to be overlooked. That's not a good thing if you are trying to sell goods and services, as most business wish. So, if there is something that can be done to have people notice your company on the Internet; that is what you want to happen.

The first thing you must do is create a website for your company. That's exactly what these 3 companies did when they employed our Denver Web Company Company: Rand Soellner Architect, CashiersNCLand, and Chisholm's Trail Leather. Only, when they guided the development of their websites at US Web Central, Denver Search Engine Optimization, something was added to each of their company names: ".com" So, the 3 companies are now:,, and Some abbreviations were made to make it easier for people to remember their website addresses. You don't want that too complicated, which is part of the advice and cousel rendered by US Web Central, which is: Denver SEO Company online.

Each of these companies actually had existing websites before they approached USWebCentral. So why did they come to them seeking help? Simple answer: they did not have personal control over their websites and did not know how to accomplish this and the updates they wanted to have happen were not happening swiftly enough. "I felt like I needed to be running and I wasn't even walking," said Rand Soellner, "It was frustrating, like trying to swim through molasses in a big swimming pool, knowing that your business life depended on you getting to the other side and things just were not getting done efficiently."

Becoming #1, or at least on the first page of a search is the dream of most companies who have an Internet presence. Rand Soellner Architect is the #1 Mountain Home Architect in the World on most search engines.

Case Study #1: Rand Soellner Architect, one of the leading residential architects in the United States, wanted his website transformed. He performed a national search, looking for a website design company with an added "X " ingredient: "Something that distinguished a particular website design company ahead of others, a company that set the height of the bar higher than the others," added Soellner, "When I saw US Web Central's own website and reviewed their pages and listened to their video spokespeople, I figured I had found the right company. Not many people were doing these things. They appeared to be highly advanced technologically and philosophically." Rand wanted a company that knew more than he did about websites, after all Rand Soellner is an architect, not a computer programmer.

"During my first conversation with Scott Carvin, USWebCentral's owner, he made me feel at ease. He talked like a regular guy and educated me about my options," said Soellner. Rand mentioned being told about Blogs and SEO, about which he knew nothing at that time. Scott Carvin mentioned that he felt the need to share with Rand what the latest techniques were to help Rand's business look good, on an improved website, one which Scott offered to transform into a software type that would allow Rand to edit it himself, if he wished, or USWebCentral could do this for him, on a pay as you go basis. Rand opted to pay USWebCentral to convert his website into an editable format.

USWebCentral is as much a Knowledge-Transfer/Education company as it is a Denver web design company. Their SEO is the X factor Rand Soellner was looking for.

Case Study #2: The story of Rand's wife: Merry Soellner, who is a western North Carolina real estate broker, parallels her husband's. "I really needed to be able to enter my new listings within a certain period of hours, in order to be in compliance with local realtor board requirements, as well as to begin marketing my clients' properties, homes and businesses. After US Web Central transcribed my website, now, I can get into my website on my own and upload digital photos I have taken just minutes before, and add text describing my listings; this is wonderful," said Merry Soellner. is Merry's website.

Case Study #3: . The story of Rand's brother, Alan Soellner and his wife, Donna, has similarities with the two case studies above. ChisholmsTrailLeather is the leading custom authentic Old West Leather holster, belt and accessory maker in the United States. He and his brother are the classic over-achievers. They have to be the best at what they do. They make historically accurate holsters for major movies, like Val Kilmer's holsters for his new upcoming movie about Doc Holiday, Miley Cyrus' holsters and belts for her new World tour, Sam Elliot's knife sheath, the "bad guys" holsters and belts on the "3:10 to Yuma," and others, in addition to selling their goods to any interested parties who happen to see their goods on their website.

Needless to say, all 3 of the above mentioned clients took advantage of's video spokesperson.


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