Zerran RealLisse® and Zerran Reform® are the Only Products of Their Kind to Pass Dermatological Testing

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Dermatological testing: A matter of ethics and safety for Zerran.

Zerran RealLisse® Vegan Hair Smoothing System Kit Includes Zerran's Custom Flat Iron

Zerran marketing director and noted wound care authority Cindy Van Steelandt observes, “Working with smoothing and straightening products day in and day out, stylists deserve to make a living without fear.

Zerran RealLisse®, a new technology semi-permanent smoothing system, and Zerran Reform®, a permanent hair straightener, are the only products of their kind to pass dermatological testing with flying colors. Under the control of trained dermatological specialists, participants had zero adverse results. Thus, the entire range of products for both systems can be classified as skin-friendly and in compliance with all international requirements.

Ask the principals at Zerran Hair Care what is important to them, and the answer is thoughtful and clear: support the pro stylist community. President Steve Sauté believes botanically based vegan salon products that are efficacious and healthy for body and soul never go out of style. When it comes to ethics and product safety, it was self-evident to submit Zerran's specialty vegan hair smoothing and hair straightening products for dermatological testing.

Zerran testing protocol also falls in line with the European Union's ban, effective March 2009, on finished cosmetic product and ingredients included in cosmetic products that have been tested on animals (per the 7th Amendment to the EU Cosmetic Directive). As Zerran marketing director and noted wound care authority Cindy Van Steelandt observes, “We are firm in our focus and commitment to salon owners and stylists. Working with smoothing and straightening products day in and day out, stylists deserve to make a living without fear.”

In its strictest sense, the purpose of dermatological testing is to identify effectiveness and tolerance for new and active ingredients in a product. Zerran commissioned the HRIPT test, also known as Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing. This test measures the body's general response over time to both sensitization and allergic response through repeated exposure to the substance applied on the skin. With repeated exposure, a negative reaction would get worse, and is usually specific to individuals. The test was performed on 50 individuals, both men and women, over a two-month period.

Zerran products that have been dermatologically tested and passed the HRIPT for skin irritation and skin sensitization evaluation are:

Absolution® Clarifying Shampoo
Diamond Mist
Hair Redemption
RealLisse® Amazon Oil
RealLisse® Catalyst
RealLisse® Leave-in or Rinse Conditioning Serum
RealLisse® Smoothing Shampoo
RealLisse® Smoothing Moisture Masque
RealLisse® Sealant/Protectant
Reform® Activator
Reform® Conditioner
Reform® Shampoo
Smoothing Polishing Balm

The entire line of Zerran Reform® and Zerran RealLisse® products, including the RealLisse® Trial Kit with flatiron, will be available and featured at the ISSE Long Beach 2012 show, Zerran International Booth #544, from January 28-30, 2012.
As an innovator in the development of safe and ethical botanically-based beauty products for over 25 years, Zerran International explains dermatological testing, ingredient listing and product labeling.

What Does “Dermatologically Tested” Really Mean?
While everything from skincare and cosmetics to household cleaners claim to be "dermatologically tested,” how many people have conferred blind trust to this statement without asking further questions or investigating the scientific facts?

Consider this: Dermatological testing has often been a lightning rod for controversy.
Why? Because testing on skin often really meant testing on animals. Using animals like mice, dogs and rabbits to determine whether certain products were suited for human use created uproar from animal rights groups. In the United States, while the FDA requires food, drugs and cosmetics to list their ingredients (with a few exceptions, such as fragrances in cosmetics), household cleaning products are not required to disclose their ingredients (except for disinfectants or ingredients considered to be antimicrobial pesticides).

Different companies can have different definitions.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), does not require manufacturers to perform any tests or provide supporting evidence to demonstrate that products labeled “dermatologist-tested” were actually tested by a doctor and produced fewer allergic reactions than other products. The FDA also states that nearly all cosmetics are likely to cause an allergic reaction in certain sensitive people.

Fragrance is the number one cause of allergic reactions in cosmetics.
With a palette of over 5,000 fragrances available to chemists, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) notes that people who complain of frequent rashes from specific skin care products are most commonly allergic to fragrance, preservatives, colors or formaldehyde.

Specific ingredients in a fragrance do not have to be listed.
Since manufacturers are allowed to consider fragrances as trade secrets, the government does not require them to list the specific component ingredients. As a result, consumers may not be able to identify the specific agent causing an allergic reaction from a cosmetic product.

The label is not verified.
Under the regulatory authority of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics (FD&C) Act, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can take action on products it deems “misbranded” (misleading to consumers) or adulterated (contaminated and potentially unsafe) after such products have already been marketed. However, FDA has not defined the term; without any formal definition of “dermatologist tested,” it would be difficult for the FDA to take action against manufacturers making such claims.

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About RealLisse® Vegan Hair Smoothing System
A revolutionary Catalyst introduces vegan proteins from wheat, corn and oats to the hair shaft. The heat-activated formula eliminates frizz and reduces unwanted curl and unruly volume. A flat iron developed to Zerran specifications, meeting the 450 F° heat standard, is essential for superior results. Some attributes include: pH balanced, no masks or scalp balms required, no special venting system needed, no irritating fumes and no harsh chemicals. Average treatment time is 90 minutes and hair may be washed 24 hours following treatment. Hair will have natural body, movement and be responsive to thermal curling. Treatment effects will last from 2 - 4 months, depending upon client variables.

About Reform® Natural Hair Straightening System
Zerran Reform® is a 100 percent vegan, patented method to achieve straight, sleek hair permanently without harsh chemicals. The gentle formula, scented with natural essential oils, allows reprocessing from root to tips without breakage. A flat iron developed to Zerran specifications, meeting the 450 F° heat standard, is recommended for superior results. Reform® permanently relaxes or straightens the hair and contains no formaldehyde, aldehydes, thioglycolates, sodium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide. There are no harsh chemicals, no objectionable odors and no need for gloves or protective balms. Reform® is easy to use and safe for all hair types, including resistant hair.

About Dermatological Testing
Using the human repeat insult patch test (HRIPT), an independent FDA registered and California certified lab tested all Zerran Reform® and RealLisse® products for two months on 50 subjects wearing no gloves, with no negative skin reaction on any subject. Results of the certification will be available for inspection upon request to visitors at the Zerran International Booth #544 or viewed online.

About Zerran International
Zerran International Corporation is a privately owned manufacturer and global distributor of Zerran Hair Care products for the professional salon industry. Based on intensive scientific research and centuries-old botanical tradition, the company has formulated and delivered 100 percent vegan shampoos, conditioners and styling products utilizing renewable botanical extracts and essential oils since 1986. Zerran International Corporation is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit http://www.zerran.com or visit Booth #544 during ISSE at the Long Beach Convention Center, 300 E. Ocean Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90802.
Contact: Cindy Van Steelandt, marketing director. Call 800-626-1921 or email cindyv@zerranhaircare.com

About International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE)
The International Salon and Spa Expo Long Beach is the largest cash-and-carry professional beauty event on the West Coast. Recognized as the premier beauty event in North America, ISSE Long Beach is committed to the evolution of the beauty industry, offering the most sought-after professional tools and products and the most relevant industry education available. The Professional Beauty Association (PBA), an organization of beauty industry professionals representing salons, spas, distributors, manufacturers and licensed professionals, produces ISSE Long Beach. For more info, go to http://www.probeauty.org/isselb/


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