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Learn a couple of tricks, kindly offered by, on how to successfully wear casual designer clothes.

Casual Designer Clothes

I've always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet. Giorgio Armani - Recent years have seen a tremendous increase in demand for casual designer clothes. Certain dress codes are becoming a thing of the past and even in the most conservative dressing environments, a loosening of restraints on what is appropriate can be easily observed. Designer clothes shops and manufacturers have largely shifted their focus towards a wide variety of semi-formal or informal types of clothing.

And while, as a result of certain democratization, designer clothes are being embraced by more and more people every day, the mass culture of their application appears to be very much lagging behind the rapidly growing market supply.

Mens designer clothes seem to be much more of a problem because men in general tend to be confused and bewildered by their rapidly growing dress options. Some men would, indeed, be quite content within the confines of a strict dress discipline for almost all occasions so as not to be too much at risk of style fail. But as womens designer clothes show, there are also significant advantages to having seemingly unlimited options of casual styles. Designer clothes tend to look more sophisticated and tailored but casual designer clothes are also comfortable and often a little more daring. Men just need to keep a few basic things in mind when it comes to dressing casual:

1. Remember that casual clothing is supposed to be more permitting or more comfortable than formal wear. This also concerns the size or general fit. Make sure to allow a bit more room in a casual garment than what one would allow in a proper-fitting formal suite.
2. Casual clothing is also supposed to be a bit more fun. Some men like to abuse this notion by wearing fifteen different shades of orange at once. Such extremes are of course to be avoided. Sometimes subtle things like opening a button on a shirt can make a world of difference in the way an outfit looks. Experimenting with daring colors and flashy designs should be approached with caution and balanced out by simple backgrounds.
3. The most perfect casual combination is probably a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. A blazer or a sport jacket can be added to dress it up a little for the evening.
4. Any sport wear, particularly sport footwear, is almost always too casual for anywhere outside a gym or a training facility. Casual clothing that is inspired by sport wear, like polo shirts for example, does not fall into this category of course.
5. Casual style allows for a more liberal use of accessories. Excessive jewelry, particularly gold, tends to make men look a little overbearing. Silver is a much less imposing and hence more appropriate alternative. Precious and semi-precious stones are also a very risky territory. But a fun and color-appropriate pocket square can really take an outfit to the next level.

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