Most Detailed Diablo 3 Gold Guide is Released by Game’s First Billionaire

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Daniel Chan from is officially the first player in the game to reach a staggering 1 billion gold in Diablo 3. With simple techniques which any gamer can replicate, this is said to be definitely the best and easiest way to make gold in the game.

Diablo 3 Billionaire

Diablo 3 Billionaire

With a detailed blueprint and flawless techniques, Daniel’s techniques to earn gold is extremely easy to follow and replicated. Any gamer regardless of level can expect to exponentially increase their gold making capability, in the game and auction house.

From the get go, Daniel realized that the best way to get the most amount of gold was at the highest levels. The reasoning behind this was simple, the best items were all found in Inferno. Moreover, the gold drops found there were easily way more than anything found at the lower levels.

Hence began his quest to level in the quickest possible way and after reaching level 60 and accessing Inferno, he started to analyze and study the best possible farming runs, discussing with other major players in the game and then tweaking and evaluating the runs to ensure that they reaped the highest gold per hour earned.

But he didn’t stop there. Because he knew that there was a huge potential to make a whole lot more profit from the auction house, he put his skills as a financial analyst to the test and began to study the market and how to leverage in it.

And he found out that the auction house behaved very much like the markets in real life, in short, he could put all his knowledge into good use and started flipping items effectively on the market. From being able to identify which items he picked up were “sellable” to “buying low and selling high” on the auction house, he ensured that his items were constantly on the move and his 10 item limit was never clogged or stagnant.

So effective in fact were his methods that on good days, he could manage to make over 100 million gold in the game, an amount unheard of in Diablo 3 circles. This helped him achieve his total in slightly less than three days, making him the first player to achieve this feat.

He’s currently documented his achievements in a blueprint called Diablo 3 Billionaire which shows a video walkthrough of his account, banishing all doubts of his claims and proving the amount he has is legit. Also, after three long weeks, he’s compiled all his techniques into one single guide which exposes every secret he used to make this huge amount of gold (998,926,918 gold to be exact!) and how any gamer can as well in a very short amount of time. Hence, his guide is widely regarded to be the best in the market and for good reason.

Daniel is officially the first Diablo 3 billionaire in the game, successfully earning the gold without hacks or cheats. All his techniques are detailed in which is guaranteed to elevate any player to a whole new gold level.

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