Diablo 3 Monk Guide Power Leveling Alert: Diablo 3 Speed Now Offers Effective Leveling Strategies to Reach Level 60 in 3 Days

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Diablo 3 Monk Guide To Help D3 Players Reach Level 60 in 3 Days now available with Diablo 3 Speed. More information about the guide is available at http://diablo3speedguide.org.

Diablo 3 Speed Review

Diablo 3 Speed

Diablo 3 Speed guide, with more details available at http://diablo3speedguide.org, covers a wide range of information and step-by-step instructions to help players master the Monk class.

After almost four years of anticipations, Blizzard will now be releasing Diablo 3, concluding the extended beta test. The entire game mechanics have been changed significantly such as the skill system, item scaling, spell rune mechanic and five exciting new player classes (source: diablowiki.net). Unlike its predecessor, Diablo 3 will limit players to a maximum level cap of 60, compared to level 99 as it was in the previous installment of the game. The Monk is probably the most anticipated class in the game as it resembles the Diablo 2 LoD assassin character. It is an intriguing class that seems to make its way through the quest line with his bare fists in an Asian/Indian visual style. Jonathan Bradley Smith has released his Diablo 3 Speed containing diablo 3 monk guide before the launch date to help the fans prepare for the new Monk class.

The Diablo 3 Speed guide, with more details available at diablo3speedguide.org, covers a wide range of information and step-by-step instructions to help players master the class and level their characters without wasting any time and in an efficient manner. It follows the general rule of any other power leveling guide of aiding the player reach the level cap as soon as possible, only that it has been perfectly adapted for the Monk class. The author understood the close relationship between all the elements of the game including questing, Monk gear, skill tree builds, class specifics and anything in between so that the final guide will be a complete resource for all the new players when the game is released. It focuses on simple rules such as getting the right item at the right level, the right skill tree choices, the right quests and the right monsters to kill so that the player will reach level 60 faster than others and maybe a real first. It is a must have for both elitist players and casual gamers. Diablo 3 Speed leveling is not a guide that should be used by players that like to spend hours admiring the environment or reading every single text line in the game. Diablo 3 Speed is a smart shortcut to the level cap.

Jonathan Smith, the author, managed to gained notoriety through several personal achievements by speed leveling his characters in other Blizzard titles. Being a gamer himself and self-proclaimed Blizzard enthusiast, Jonathan managed to reach the level 60 cap in World of Wacraft in 6 days when the game was initially released. He also played Diablo 2 and managed to reach level 99 in just a few days. To further prove his power leveling skills and speed gaming style, Jonathan uploaded a video of himself completing Super Mario Bros 3 in just 11 minutes. The video is still available today on the major video streaming websites to prove his skills. Furthermore, with the release of the new installment of the Diablo franchise, Jonathan proved his power leveling skills as a gamer and author by releasing the Diablo 3 Speed Guide for the Monk class.

Diablo 3 Monk Leveling Guide with Diablo 3 Speed was designed to be easy and fun experience. It grants the players with the ability of starting out alongside with other gamers but with an ace up their sleeve. Monks that follow the game will level faster, gain better gear, and kill monsters more efficiently due to proper skill tree builds and a better overall preparation for the Inferno and Hardcore difficulties. The full package includes four distinct modules that fit perfectly together. The power leveling module is the highlight of the entire pack. It showcases all the possible shortcuts and means to reach level 60 in the shortest time possible. The second module offers a comprehensive item optimization module. The "priceless treasure map" features all the sweet spots where to farm items while the forth module presents all the quests in a step-by-step manner. Additionally, everyone who gets the guide will receive lifetime updates for Diablo 3 Speed for free. It is a must have for all players that wish to catch an early start and to dominate the game while others still struggle to level their characters.

For bonuses, promotions and more details, visit http://diablo3speedguide.org.

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