Diablo 3 Speed Guide For Fast Leveling by Jonathan Bradley Smith is Now Available - Best Power Leveling Guide

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Diablo 3 Speed is now released to help players save precious time in leveling up. It is written by Jonathan Bradley Smith, who is an expert in power leveling. A Diablo 3 Speed review is now available at diablo3speedguide.org.

Diablo 3 Speed

Diablo 3 Speed

The latest installment of the Blizzard-owned franchise, Diablo, is soon to hit the shelves for a worldwide release on May 15th. Many game aspects have changed in Diablo 3(D3) that might surprise even the veteran players. There are five new playable characters and a new skill tree system that does not rely on point allocation and runes are now used as spell modifiers. The game comes packed with some additional changes and features that will improve the overall gameplay compared to its predecessors. Jonathan Bradley Smith now releases a new guide, Diablo 3 Speed, to cover all the changes and more, saving precious time for players that want to level up quickly.

The Diablo 3 Speed guide, with more information at diablo3speedguide.org, offers a vast amount of information covering all the classes in the game. It includes guides for each of the five playable characters including skill tree builds, class-specific resource pool management, gear optimization for power leveling, quest guides and more. It was mainly put together for players that wish to stop wasting time and level up fast to reach the end-game content. Hitting the level 60 cap is just as difficult as it was to reach level 99 in Diablo 2. However, with the aid of the information within the guide, the step-by-step instructions will help any player gain an advantage over others that do not use any kind of speed leveling guides. It is a collection of information that can act as a shortcut to level 60. There are also players that want to know Diablo 3 gold secrets. The author managed to pull it together for all characters, making it a universal resource for D3.

Jonathan Bradley Smith managed to prove his skills as a gamer and author as well. His Diablo 3 Speed guide is based on years of experience as a speed player. In just 8 days he managed to level his World of Warcraft to the maximum level. Before that, he played Diablo 2 and reached level 99 in just a few days. To prove his skills, he even completed Super Mario Bros 3 from start to finish in just minutes. After all these years of experience as a gamer, Jonathan aimed and succeeded to create a comprehensive and complete D3 guide. He has turned speed leveling into a personal goal and by releasing the guide, his knowledge and experience is shared with all Diablo 3 enthusiasts. D3 Speed is a helpful resource that makes the difference between an efficient player and a slow leveler that wastes hundreds of hours to reach level 60.

The Diablo 3 Speed guide includes multiple features and bonuses to be a complete resource for power leveling. It can prepare any player for the Inferno difficulty. All the modules are filled with step-by-step instructions and images to make them easy to follow and understand. "Power Leveling Made Easy!" is the first module included in the packages. "Item Optimization Module" is the second guide that comes as an addition to help the players understand what gear they need at certain levels in order to level more efficiently. It is a guide that matches the player level with the appropriate gears. The third module is called "Priceless Treasure Map" and it contains all the sweet spots in the game that can be monetized by the players. "Optimal Quest Guide" is the fourth module that contains detailed information about each quest and step-by-step guidance to complete them. Additionally, all the players that will get the guide will have access to lifetime updates for free. All these modules are a must for all players that want to level up fast without sacrificing his personal life. It is a guide written by a player for players.

More details available at http://diablo3speedguide.org/.

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