Best Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Builds Guide Now Available with Inferno Codex Diablo 3 Guide - Effective D3 Leveling, Skills, Artisan, and Class Builds

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Diablo 3 Witch Doctor builds guide with Inferno Codex is now available, offering players the best builds for their characters. More details available at

Inferno Codex Diablo 3 Guide

Inferno Codex

Diablo 3 is a modern dark fantasy-themed MMORPG game that was released today. This game became the most pre-ordered computer game on, breaking every presale records. There is no doubt it is expected by millions of savvy gamers worldwide (source: One of the best Witch Doctor builds guide for Diablo 3 is Inferno Codex Guide, which is now available.

Inferno Codex Diablo 3 guide, with more details at, aims to help diablo 3 gamers save time and master the game. The team that created it is a professional and dedicated team, known for the creation of Veliks Guide for Tera Online and for writing the Aeon guide for Swtor. This team's purpose is to help any passionate gamer discover the best class builds, rune choices and other hidden tips in order to fully experience an amazing Diablo 3 gaming experience.

The Witch Doctor is a unique class of spell casters, dealing with nature magic, elemental magic, alchemy and necromancy. This class is inspired by the Necromancer from Diablo 2, but it's stronger and can cast more potent mind control spells. Moreover, it is a more active and spell-attacking class than its predecessor. The design of a Witch Doctor is close to a zombie, looking just like an old shaman with a voodoo wand.

Some of the skills of this class are: zombie charger, poison dart, firebats, firebomb, locust swarm and acid cloud. Its distinctive skills are extremely useful, especially for those gamers who love magic damage: quickening, aggression, superior skill, toughness and death pact.

The main purpose of Inferno Codex Diablo 3 guide is to show the gamers how to play their favorite character effectively. The Witch Doctor builds guide from Inferno Codex includes active and passive skill selection, boss strategies, gear acquisition and items location. With this modern and unique Inferno Codex guide, every gamer can impress his friends by discovering how to play like a pro, even from the beginning.

More details available at

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