Diablo 3 Speed Offering Players the Real Deal in Power Leveling Any D3 Character Fast Now Released Worldwide - Diablo III Speed Guide by Speed Gamer Jonathan Smith

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Diablo 3 Speed guide is a unique, comprehensive, and powerful resource showing hard-hitting strategies to level up fast a character to Level 60. It is created by Jonathan Bradley Smith, with more details found at http://diablo3speedguide.org.

Diablo 3 Speed Review

Diablo 3 Speed

Diablo III Speed, with more details at http://diablo3speedguide.org, is a game guide that allows the user to be know the best strategies to reach the maximum level of 60 without spending countless hours.

Diablo III is the third installment of the popular game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Like the first two games, it is an action RPG (role-playing game) that incorporates the dungeon crawl scenario with hack and slay combat (source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diablo_III). This game is set twenty years after the ending of the previous game, Diablo II. The prime evils have all been defeated and banished from Sanctuary. Now, Diablo III takes the player back to the town of Tristram, where rumors of a fallen star abound. A fallen star was said to be a signal of the beginning of End Times, as it is the first sign of the rebirth of evil (source: us.blizzard.com/en-us/games/d3/). While it is a continuation of the previous games' storyline, Diablo III is a much more comprehensive game, with additions such as an enhanced quest system and a random level and encounter generator. All these ensure that even experienced Diablo players will have a different experience while playing the game. These new additions also increase the need for game guides such as Diablo III Speed that can help all kinds of players go through the entire game and reach the maximum levels for their characters fast.

Diablo III Speed is a game guide that informs its members the best strategies to reach the maximum level of 60 without having to spend countless hours glued to their computer screens. It offers valuable information that will surely give any player a leg up on the competition. With Diablo III Speed, a person will be able to get past the lower levels and advance in record time. Diablo III Speed is written by experienced gamer Jonathan Bradley Smith, who from personal experience understands that any dedicated gamer would stop at nothing to get to their character's highest level.

Jonathan Bradley Smith has been taking video game playing a step further by doing speed runs where he manages to complete the entire game in record time. In fact, a video of his Speed Run on Super Mario Brothers 3 is even featured on YouTube. In this speed run, he managed to finish the game in a matter of 11 minutes. Since then, he has moved on to more difficult games such as Battle of Immortals, Guild Wars, Lineage, and the like. With his ability and dedication, he always manages to reach the maximum level before the other players. In Diablo II, he managed to get to Level 99 in a few days.

With all his gaming experience and previous achievements in doing speed runs, Jonathan Bradley Smith is definitely capable of helping other people reach the maximum level in Diablo III in a short time. And with Diablo III speed, this is exactly what he does. He has gone through every quest to determine the fastest way to do them. He has also figured out which items are the most efficient for speed killing. With all these, he has managed to find the fastest way to level up all the characters.

Diablo III Speed contains valuable leveling up information for all the characters in the game. This allows every player to increase the level of his character in just a short time. This guide is definitely great for avid gamers who cannot wait to take on the challenge of Inferno with its high-level enemies.

More details can be found at http://diablo3speedguide.org.

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