Beaudry RV Company Announces the Best Gadgets on the Market to Keep Kids Entertained

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Beaudry RV Company announces the top three gadgets to keep kids entertained while traveling in diesel pushers.

Beaudry RV Company

Bending a corner of the board forward could, for instance, power up a sword, and releasing or bending it back could then bring down all the force of hell on a once mighty opponent!

The age-old question of ‘are we there yet?’ has plagued parents for decades. But with Beaudry RVs top list of gadgets to keep kids occupied, parents might forget they even have kids. Load up the diesel pusher and hit the road.

  • Project Cobra is a new gaming interface that lets users interact with the images by bending and twisting sections or applying pressure to areas containing sensors, reports Paul Ridden in his article Gaming Flexibility Takes on New Twist with Project Cobra. The device, created by Zi Ye and Hammad Khalid came out of the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Canada. Their focus was on finding ways to interact with the software similar to Nintendo’s Wii Remote. The device works through a projector that is attached to a laptop bag that the gamer has on his shoulder. The game board has sensors in it that interact with the laptop. “Bending a corner of the board forward could, for instance, power up a sword, and releasing or bending it back could then bring down all the force of hell on a once mighty opponent!” says Ridden.
  • The new iPad is entering the gaming world. After all the raves of ease of use and portability, the next stop for the iPad is getting the gaming community on board. While many of the games so far are a little clunky, there are a few that are getting rave reviews: Strategery and Civilization Revolution rely on turning and tapping the interface. “The former a hybrid game, the latter an iPad-optimized title--play much better on the iPad because its larger screen reveals more of the battlefield while still offering a simple touch mechanism for ordering around your units,” says Chris Holt in his article Gaming on the iPad: What works, what doesn't. Holt also recommends driving games such as Need for Speed and Real Racing.
  • On trips, headsets are a way to keep the entire family happy. No more fighting over music being too loud or movies distracting drivers. The Psyko 5.1 gaming headset provides 5.1 surround sound through five speakers fitted in the bridge of the headset with subwoofers within each ear cup, reports Ridden in his article Psyko 5:1: radical gaming headset. The goal is to put the gamer in the middle of the sweet spot for a three dimensional audio experience.

2011 may see the release of Nintendo’s 3DS that claims to allow users a 3D experience without the 3D glasses. There is technology available that allows the eye to experience 3D without any accessories.

“There are so many options out there to keep kids and adults occupied in diesel pushers,” says Scott Beaudry of Beaudry RV Company. “It’s not like the olden days where kids stared wistfully out windows. Today, kids are involved in games that sharpen learning skills, strategy and more.

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