Digital Marketing Trends 2013: Internet Income University Shares Some Of The Top Marketing Strategies For The Year Ahead

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Internet Income University takes a look at three of the digital marketing trends 2013 will likely see more of.

The world of digital marketing has seen some major changes within the past few years and many are looking forward to the new digital marketing trends 2013 will bring. With new technology coming on the scene and marketers being more open to new ways of marketing their products or businesses, the digital marketing landscape has changed significantly and there are more ways than ever for digital marketing professionals to enhance their marketing efforts.

The digital trends in marketing will include many of the tactics that were successful in the past. However, these tactics may be used in new ways or at least have new ways of thinking attached to them. Here are a few of the digital marketing trends 2013 will bring that marketers will want to incorporate into their marketing efforts or at least be aware of.

Go Mobile – The amount of people who bought smart phones last year, compared to the people who bought computers, is very high. Mobile marketing is still a relatively new concept, and while many marketing companies do use mobile marketing to some extent, it hasn’t really been a major focus.

Investing in mobile marketing is a very smart move, as mobile technology is not only more widespread nowadays, but it also creates a direct and constant link from the marketer to the consumer. Focusing on building content and websites that are mobile device compatible is one of the best things a digital marketer can do this coming year.

Also, the fact that the market is no where near to being saturated makes any marketer who can employ mobile marketing strategies, and create mobile-friendly content, a sought after business partner.

Content Marketing – Content marketing has always been a huge part of digital marketing. However, while in the past the focus has been on creating content that was attractive to search engines, via the right keyword phrases, html tags and keyword density and placement, one of the digital marketing trends 2013 will see will be creating great content that is attractive to the readers, first and foremost.

On page SEO will still come into play; however, there will be a shift in thinking and marketers will realize that creating quality content for their customers and potential customers can actually be a much more valuable marketing technique. Things like social sharing and other factors make creating valuable, sharable content a key factor in successful content marketing in the year ahead.

Smart Content – Smart content is another marketing strategy that has been around for a while, but which the online world will likely see an increase in the upcoming year. This type of marketing customizes the content that the visitor to the website sees, based on data collected from their previous visits. There are a number of programs that can be used for this, one of which is AdWords and its “remarketing” feature.

This technology allows marketers to tailor their approach to each revisiting customer, by showing them products they may be interested in or articles they might want to read. An example of smart content would be the “Recommended For You” feature on that presents books or products that the visitor may be interested in based on past searches or purchases.

These are just a few of the digital marketing trends 2013 will likely see. For more information on starting and marketing a business, please visit I

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