Free Music MP3 Downloads Providers High-Risk - Solution: New Digital File Swap App

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Lexink® is promoting its new MP3 swap application UNLODER™, designed to help the music industry regain ground and provide consumers with a safe, low-cost means to legally download mp3 files. Owner Alexandre Despallieres sheds light on risks to consumers--many of them young teens--who may not be aware that in addition to opening the door to viruses and spyware, using 'free' download sites can result in indirect financial support of illicit activities.

Lexink's UNLODER can counter digital piracy and give consumers a safe means to legally download mp3 files.

UNLODER is the beginning of a solution to digital piracy as well as users' indirect financial support of those companies' illicit activities. It is a safe and low-cost alternative respecting everyone's rights, including users.

"Nothing in life is free, and in the case of illegal MP3 downloads you have to think of the cost for these 'free' download sites to maintain themselves," states Alexandre Despallieres, owner of Lexink®. The company is promoting its new UNLODER™ digital file swap application, designed to benefit consumers and the entertainment industry.

The "missing piece," the UNLODER™ provides a low-cost and low-risk solution to consumers while creating an "endless cycle of resale" for those in the music and film industries, who are increasingly losing ground every year as digital piracy takes hold.

Recent developments, such as those surrounding the Digital Economy Bill in the UK, have again sparked the conversation about Internet ethics and copyright issues. While some would argue that illegal file sharing provides access to an audience for many artists who before had little chance of being seen or heard, others are concerned that free music downloads are destroying the music industry, as the rise in illegal downloading leads to a slump in industry-wide investment and a lack of innovation.

The Digital Economy Bill and efforts in other countries to enforce laws against digital piracy have also attracted the attention of marketing analysts, who note that most consumers seek zero-risk commerce venues. If they feel free MP3 downloads are ethical--grassroots file sharing and other factors bolster this sentiment--and they have no fear of being penalized, the activity will continue, as it seems to be, without real risk or consequence.

Despallieres, however, notes that the risk is there, pointing to what's really going on behind the scenes in these companies: "To operate, store and push illegal music or video downloads sites such as carries extraordinary maintenance costs, and that's without getting into bandwidth usage, difficult-to-use dark fiber. The most common financial model for an online site is that subscription users cover the costs of free users. However in this particular case, that model is not viable, not even when you factor in revenues from banner ads or pop ups. In fact, there is no viable business model possible unless these sites are no more than a screen behind which hide questionable activities."

According to Despallieres, there are rather grave yet unseen risks to consumers--many of them teens--who use these companies for free music MP3 downloads or film downloads.

"In reality so-called 'free downloads' are expensive. Users are probably aware such sites are an open door to viruses and spyware but most likely don't know that usage of these sites involves active - albeit involuntary - support of money laundering, allowing revenues from online gambling and pornography to be white-washed," he explains. "UNLODER is the beginning of a solution to digital piracy as well as users' indirect financial support of those companies' illicit activities. It is a safe and low-cost alternative respecting everyone's rights, including users."

While the majority of consumers around the world are taking advantage of free music and free DVD downloads, they might not do so if 1) they were aware of the hidden risks and 2) they had access to a low-cost alternative beyond illegal downloading and one-time digital purchase vehicles like iTunes. This is where the Lexink® UNLODER™ comes in.

More information about the UNLODER™ digital file swap application can be found at the Lexink® website.

About Lexink®:

An integrated network of consultants in both multimedia and entertainment industries offers custom solutions through Lexink®, a company that provides innovation and expertise in information technology, advertising, and film production. Applications like the new UNLODER™ tool are designed to foster growth in these industries. Lexink® is a provider of grassroots brand integration that articulates company vision within budget for long-term marketing success. Content for syndicated television programming from a diverse television and film catalogue is also available through Lexink®.


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