Dimension One Spa Parts – D1 Hot Tub Parts Supplier, Easy Spa Parts - Publishes Guide – “7 Steps to Cleaning the Inside of Your Spa Cover and Have it Last for Years”

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Dimension One Hot Tub Parts – spa cover replacement distributor selling direct to the public throughout the USA wants to educate hot tub and portable spa owners how to make their spa cover last longer.

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As the end of the year approaches and people being to plan for the winter season, hot tub and spa owners should inspect their hot tub before the temperature drops and the snow falls. “One of the most important ways to protect your spa especially during harsh weather is making sure the hot tub cover is in good working condition,” said Phil Sandner, President of Easy Spa Parts located in San Diego, CA. Easy Spa Parts is a distributor or Dimension One Spa Parts and Dimension One Spa Covers. “In addition, proper care of your spa cover is the key to maintaining good water balance,” continued Sandner.

According to Sandner, hot tub covers are made up of both an outer layer or vinyl "skin" which is always visible and the internal wrapped cores which give the cover its insulation value and rigidity. On occasion, black mold can grow on the inside of the skin and wrapped cores. When this happens, any water that accumulates on the underside and the interior of the cover (from the steam of the spa) becomes contaminated with mold. If left untreated, this water will eventually drain from the vinyl skin back into the hot tub, depositing bacteria into the water, creating an odor that is difficult to remove.

“To prevent contamination and the unpleasant odor, eliminate the mold by washing both the skin and the cores with a solution of 2 quarts liquid bleach and 3 gallons water,” said Sandner. “Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands when using the solution and given the size of the cover, it may be easier to complete this maintenance with two people.”

Here are the steps that people need to take to wash the inside of the spa cover:

Step 1 - First, fold the cover open and unzip each half.

Step 2 - With a person on either side of the cover, carefully remove the cores, pulling evenly from each side as you proceed.

Step 3 - Using a Scotch-Brite pad, wash the cores with the bleach/water solution. Use the sponge side to avoid scratching the plastic wrap over the cores. In tougher areas, it is okay to use the “scrubbie” side of the sponge to fully remove the mold.

Take care not to loosen or remove the edge tape on the cores. Rinse the cores with clean water and set each half aside, out of direct sunlight to avoid possible distorting of the core material.

Step 4 - Next, carefully lay open the vinyl skin and use a sponge and soft brush (as needed) to wash the inside with the bleach/water solution. Rinse with clean water.

Step 5 - Dry both the cores and inside of vinyl skin with a clean, dry towel.

Step 6 - With another person to help, position the vinyl skin and carefully re-insert the cleaned cores. Pull the cover forward until the cores are properly fitted and close each zipper. Be careful not to tear the tape at each corner.

Step 7 - Check to make certain the bottom of the cover is free of debris before putting it back onto your hot tub. Then wash and condition the top of the cover.

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