Diopsys Office-Based Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) Reaches 400 Office Milestone

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Clinical electrophysiology of vision is a well-regarded and researched science with over 50 years of clinical data. However, it took one company to bring this science to the office-based eye care specialist. Diopsys, Inc. has just installed its 400th VEP device into an eye care practice.

Diopsys NOVA-LX
The Diopsys NOVA system gives us the same sophisticated level of results that old devices do, but with easy to follow protocols and easier to interpret reports.

Electrophysiology is being adopted by optometrists and ophthalmologists like never before. Diopsys, Inc., the leader in providing VEP vision testing devices, has just trained its 400th customer on the procedures and patient benefits of the Diopsys® NOVA-VEP Vision Testing System. More than 60 additional practices are scheduled for installation before year’s end.

Electrophysiological tests, such as visual evoked potential (VEP) and electroretinography (ERG), have largely been relegated to hospitals and research facilities due to their complex procedures and difficult to interpret results. Diopsys has simplified the use of VEP technology by creating a device with an easy-to-use intuitive interface, standardized testing procedures and easy-to-read reports. The company will also be modernizing ERG technology with the launch of the Diopsys® NOVA-pERG system within the next few months. These advances allow the office-based eye care specialist to gain objective, functional information about the vision system that was often too difficult to obtain in the past.

“Diopsys has developed a VEP device that far surpasses those most eye doctors are familiar with from school. The Diopsys® NOVA system gives us the same sophisticated level of results that old devices do, but with easy to follow protocols and easier to interpret reports.” says Dr. Peter Kehoe, former President of the American Optometric Association.

Diopsys also offers a comprehensive training and education process for practices to make sure the doctors and staff have a good understanding of the science, technology and testing procedures for maximum clinical utility. This level of education has contributed to the high level of acceptance by eye care specialists. Dr. Paula Johnson of Johnson Vision Development Center in Jackson, TN praised her training, “I have been so impressed with everyone at Diopsys and their level of expertise and support. The entire process from installation and training to ongoing support has been both enjoyable and educational.”

Optometrists and ophthalmologists and their patients are benefitting from technologies like VEP and ERG going main stream. These doctors are gaining the ability to objectively measure the function of the vision system, not just how the anatomy looks. Electrophysiological tests are being used for a variety of applications that involve vision disorders such as glaucoma, amblyopia, multiple sclerosis, and diabetic retinopathy

About Diopsys
Diopsys, Inc. (http://www.diopsys.com/) is a medical instrumentation company dedicated to delivering high-quality, cost-effective preventative health care solutions. We specialize in the development and marketing of patient-friendly, non-invasive vision testing equipment utilizing electrophysiological technology.

Diopsys has developed and markets the patented Diopsys® NOVA-VEP Vision Testing Systems utilized by optometrists and ophthalmologists to help in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders, including glaucoma. Diopsys also provides the Enfant® Pediatric VEP Vision Testing System, a device used in testing for visual deficits, including amblyopia, in children as young as six months of age.

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