Dispose-It-Guard® by Disposal Guard Inc.: Mothers Raving About New Safety Device for Sink Garbage Disposals

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New safety product’s years of testing pays off according to customers. Dispose-It-Guard® prevents items falling in garbage disposals accidentally without losing the convenience of having a disposer, making it an essential kitchen accessory.

New patented all-in-one sink stopper, strainer, safety poker, and scraper

Love that I don't have to worry about my kids fingers anymore! LOVE the size of the holes – the Guard does not slow down the water flow at all when it is in place!! And the seal holds water in the sink as long as I want it too. GREAT Product!!

Owning a garbage disposer almost guarantees at some point an object has fallen in accidentally, and oftentimes the object isn’t discovered until after the disposal is turned on, which can be disastrous.

Garbage disposers are designed to be as safe as possible, but the fear is still there (fear of the unknown or memories of horrific movie scenes), and no matter the internal construction of the unit, there is still the sink opening to contend with, which is large enough for any number of items to accidentally fall in. If the item is broken, retrieving the pieces is definitely a hazard no matter how the unit itself is designed.

Calling a plumber is expensive and typically unnecessary, and who enjoys sticking their hands in a disposal to fish out whatever fell in and is causing that terrible noise? Most men can't fit their hands in, and most parents are unwilling to ask a child to do so, which leaves this disgusting task to women - and many women are afraid to put their hands down that nasty drain, near those sharp blades.

The question many people have is how to guard the drain without losing the convenience of having a garbage disposal? There is now a tool that guards your disposal 24/7, giving you peace of mind knowing nothing will fall into disposal accidentally. Dispose-It-Guard® by Disposal Guard Inc. was designed to fit snugly in any standard sink and prevents unwanted objects from falling in disposal drain. Recent consumers verify the product effectiveness by their testimonials.

“Love that I don’t have to worry about my kids fingers anymore! LOVE the size of the holes – the Guard does not slow down the water flow at all when it is in place!! And the seal holds water in the sink as long as I want it too. GREAT Product!!” - Karen A. – Elmhurst, IL

“Finally someone has made a device so I don’t have to put my hand or a utensil down that dirty, grimy, germ infested black hole of my sink. I also don’t have to worry about hurting my hand or breaking my disposal which would be a costly to repair or replace! Thank you Disposal Guard!!” – Chris T. – Chandler, AZ

“We saw your product on-line, and knew we had to have it. After receiving it and testing it…we were pleasantly surprised! Not only did we get it in the mail in a timely fashion, but it did everything you said. The quality of this product is amazing, and you really thought out its creation. We are so impressed with it, we are giving this to a number of friends/family for Christmas! Now we even let the kids use the disposal. “A Grand Slam”…my husband says about it. Thank you!” – Lisa & Dave G. – Boston, MA

Dispose-It-Guard® is an all-in-one sink stopper, strainer, safety poker, and scraper. The scraper and safety poker allows one to scrape food off plates and safely push the scraps into the garbage disposal, protecting hands from disposal blades keeping them clean and safe. The scraper is made of rubber to prevent scratching any surface and designed to never reach disposer blades, so it is safe to use while running garbage disposal. This product was designed with children’s safety in mind, but is for anyone with a garbage disposal, regardless of age. It changes from a sink strainer to a stopper with a simple twist.

“This is a great product! I have trouble removing other stoppers due to arthritis, but the t-handle on this is very easy to grasp. Also, my husband can easily turn from stopper to strainer without taking it out of the sink – very important for him since he only has one arm! We have thrown all our other stoppers and strainers away! Thank you Dispose-It-Guard®!” – Kathi D. – Roselle, IL

“I am delighted with my Disposal Guard multipurpose tool! Its safety and convenience make all of the difference in the kitchen. My wife likes to have large dinner parties and often some of the helpers in the kitchen would drop a utensil in the garbage disposal mouth, or worse stuff it completely full with scrap without the water running or the disposal turned on. The Dispose-It-Guard® eliminates these issues for us by providing an all in one sink stopper, which keeps…everything out of the garbage disposal until you are ready to actually use the disposal. The scraper and plunger seem natural to use once the Dispose-It-Guard® is removed and I start to operate the garbage disposal…using the plunger to control the waste being pushed into the disposal and using the scraper to move scrap from the bottom of the sink and to clean off plates. Dispose-It-Guard® is a great product, a one in a million find! I have waited a long time for a product to come along like this one!” - Curtis B. - White Lake, MI

For more information and to order this product, please visit http://disposalguard.com

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