5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays When Going Through a Divorce

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The holidays are about sharing, appreciation, and most importantly time with family. When going through a divorce, this time of year can be especially hard on the entire family unit. Divorce Resort, a new divorce solution concept from the attorneys at Weinman & Associates would like to share five tips for making this holiday time a little easier.

Going through a divorce during the holidays can be especially difficult. The traditional divorce solution, litigation, often leaves individuals in the middle of a long and drawn out conflict, full of stress and anxiety about an unsure and unsettled future. For individuals left with the reality of dealing with such a mess during the holidays, the attorneys at Weinman & Associates, creators of Divorce Resort, would like to lay out five tips for families that are experiencing the unfortunate pain of such stressful matters during such a meaningful time.

1.    Create New Family Traditions
Develop new family rituals, such as decorating together, making crafts, or volunteering time to help those less fortunate; It is helpful to let go of some past traditions that may remind you or your children of unhappier times. Finding new and creative ways to celebrate and reminding yourself that you are making a fresh start for your family can remind you of the real reason you cherish these family moments in the first place.

2.    Take New Family Photos
Show the world that you are healthier, happier, and stronger than ever (even if you may not be feeling that way all the time just yet). Having these new family photographs will help your friends and family to be encouraging and supportive of you during this difficult time, and will give you a visual reminder that you are embarking on the next chapter in your life.

3.    Schedule “Me” Time
Having a network of friends and a healthy support system is so important, but don’t forget to set aside time for yourself. Find an activity that you enjoy doing just for yourself that has nothing to do with work or kids, but may be something you enjoyed doing long before you were married. Did you enjoy hiking, golf, photography, shoe shopping, yoga, gardening, reading? Think back and find an activity that is just about you. Sometimes spending some time alone and getting back to your authentic self (before you spent all of your time trying to please everyone else) is the best therapy and the best way to get you started in your new life.

4.    Simplify Your Calendar
It’s important to plan but try to keep scheduling arrangements as simple as possible, and be flexible when unexpected situations arise. Decide on clear and definitive time tables for multi-family celebrations and devote one day to running last minute errands so you’re not running around unnecessarily all month. Confusion about plans and last minute delays can cause unnecessary stress and frustration that could dampen your holiday spirit, so plan ahead but be ready to modify those plans as needed.

5.    Don’t Delay Happiness or Enjoyment
Just because you’re going through a difficult transitiondoesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the positives in your life. It’s okay to feel sad and cry when you need to, but don’t forget about all of the blessings in your life. Take time to remember that change can be positive and can lead to new endeavors, sometimes better than the old. Take time to celebrate who you are and what you will become as you venture forth in your new life. Divorce is not the end, it is just a transition to the next phase of your life. It can be scary, but it can also open doors to new and exciting opportunities. So, take the time to celebrate!

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